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From "Bellekens, P.A.E." <>
Subject RE: XML-RPC embedded in Jetty
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 08:33:09 GMT
Hi Jochen, 

Thanks for the reply.
Subclassing the XmlRpcStreamServer was also my initial idea.
However, all the relevant methods in this class have a parameter
ServerStreamConnection and this is where the problem lies. 

The ServerStreamConnection is a class which can make an inputstream from
a certain socket or httpservletrequest object. But I already have an
inputstream (containing the raw httprequest) so I have no means to
instantiate this class...

If I would subclass the ServerStreamConnection I thus also need to make
an implementation of the ServerStreamConnection to handle pure
httprequest streams but then this class would be almost identical to the
Connection class. Therefore it would be more efficient to subclass the
connection class which is possible if this had an empty constructor.


-----Original Message-----
From: Jochen Wiedmann [] 
Sent: dinsdag 22 augustus 2006 23:39
Subject: Re: XML-RPC embedded in Jetty

Bellekens, P.A.E. wrote:

> Because Jetty is probably much better in handling intensive use than
> Webserver available in xml-rpc.
> However, to do this I was considering extending the 
> org.apache.xmlrpc.webserver.Connection class.
> Jetty provides me with a raw http request and the Connection class 
> handles it and returns the result.
> (I want a Servlet free environment.)

It's interesting to know that Jetty offers such things. However, where 
do you see the advantages? IMO, the servlet API is a relatively thin 
layer over the raw request, thus a possible performance gain won't be 
too high.

> Is there a better way to let xml-rpc work within a jetty environment?
> Or would it be possible to add a empty constructor to the Connection

Do not use the Connection class, but create another subclass of 


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