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From Kasun Gajasinghe <>
Subject Attribute-Value Normalization of Axiom
Date Sat, 18 Feb 2012 13:13:48 GMT

I have a question regarding how Axiom normalize attribute values. Say I
added an attribute to a document that has a newline character (\n  or #xA)
in the attribute value to a built OMDocument, and then serialize it. Now
doesn't the serialized content supposed to replace the newline character by
a space character (#x20) as of [1] 3.3 bullet point? Or am I looking at two
different things? Understanding how axiom behaves in these situations is
crucial when it comes to serializing etc.

Here's a code snippet of a test I did.

documentElement.addAttribute("attrName", " \n attVal     ", null);

The serialized xml contains - attrName=" &#xa; attVal    ". But I think it
should be " &#x20; attVal    ".


Thanks for any help!

*Kasun Gajasinghe*
Software Engineer; WSO2 Inc.;

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