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From Andreas Veithen <>
Subject [ANN] Axiom 1.2.13 released
Date Sat, 14 Apr 2012 18:47:55 GMT
Apache Axiom Team is pleased to announce the release of Axiom 1.2.13.
The release is available for download at:

Apache Axiom is a StAX-based, XML Infoset compliant object model which
supports on-demand building of the object tree. It supports a novel
"pull-through" model which allows one to turn off the tree building
and directly access the underlying pull event stream. It also has
built in support for XML Optimized Packaging (XOP) and MTOM, the
combination of which allows XML to carry binary data efficiently and
in a transparent manner. The combination of these is an easy to use
API with a very high performant architecture!

Developed as part of Apache Axis2, Apache Axiom is the core of Apache
Axis2. However, it is a pure standalone XML Infoset model with novel
features and can be used independently of Apache Axis2.

Axiom 1.2.13 contains fixes for over thirty JIRA issues [1] as well as
lots of other improvements, mainly related to XOP/MTOM processing,
namespace handling, DOM support, documentation and code quality.

The most prominent change in 1.2.13 is that Axiom no longer uses its
own MIME parser, but instead relies on Apache James Mime4J [2] for
XOP/MTOM processing. This was done in order to support streaming of
the content of MIME parts in XOP/MTOM messages: they can now be
processed without writing them to memory or disk first. This also
applies to the root/SOAP part, which in previous versions was always
read into memory before parsing could start.

For more information about the possible impact on existing application
code of the changes included in Axiom 1.2.13, please refer to the user

-- The Apache Axiom Team


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