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From "Engelhardt. Julian" <>
Subject Retrieving digestValue from WSSecurityEngine.processSecurityHeader
Date Fri, 23 May 2014 13:42:38 GMT
Hi everyone,

I am using WSS4J 2.0 to handle WSS (mainly signature and encryption) in one of our products.
For incoming messages, we call WSSecurityEngine.processSecurityHeader passing the received
SOAPEnvelope as DOM and analyze the WSSecurityEngineResults which are returned.

For providing nonrepudiation information to the sender, I need, together with other elements,
which are already contained in the WSSecurityEngineResults, the digestValue of the message.
However, I can’t find a way to get this information the way we are verifying signature and
are decrypting. Can you recommend a way to get this information?

I have seen that SignatureProcessor is retrieving a Reference list from the SignatureInfo
which contains the digestValues, however, it does neither pass the digestValues nor does it
pass the Reference list. Do I oversee a way to get to that List via the WSSecurityEngine?

Thanks for all hints.

Julian Engelhardt
SEEBURGER AG - Edisonstr. 1, D 75015 Bretten, Germany
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