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From "Adrian Williamson">
Subject Decoding and Verfification in WSS4J - Need some help
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2014 16:41:34 GMT

Using "public class SecurityManager implements
SOAPHandler<SOAPMessageContext>" and wsimport:

I've now managed to get the remote server to send me back a SOAP message
which has the timetamp and body signed and the body encrypted.

So I've been looking around the internet and I've got to the point where I
think I need to use:

results =

But this is throwing an exception:

"The private key for the supplied alias does not exist in the keystore"

So I've got one keystore with all the certificates in it for the client and
the remote server.

I think I need to tell secEngine or the callbackhandler which alias and
password to use - but I'm not sure - is it supposed to get this information
from the security header returned in the SOAP message?

I was looking at this for inspiration:

But if anyone has a better source please point it out.

Or you can tease me by suggesting some classes and method names and I'll
join the dots.



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