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From Subramanya Mujamadar <>
Subject [Axiom] Cosuming SOAP WS which is neither 1.1 or 1.2
Date Fri, 19 May 2017 22:02:58 GMT
Problem Description:

  Need to consume a SOAP web service which is neither SOAP 1.1 nor SOAP 1.2
complaint. When the response comes back from web server, SOAP message
creation fails with the validation error from both SAAJ and AXIOM message

There are few problems with the web server as listed below

   - ​It​ uses the 1.2 namespace "​"
   but content-type in SOAP response is "text/xml; charset=ISO-8859-1".
   - Vendor thinks they are SOAP 1.1 complaint but using wrong namespace.
   - There are few more such validation errors.

Workaround used:

Updated the AXIOM to ignore the validations and treating the WS as SOAP 1.1
and now able to consume the WS.

*Proposed feature for axiom:*

*Would it be a good idea to implement a feature, which when turned
on, AXIOM would ignore the validations like content type, namespace etc and
use the defaults for SOAP 1.1 when the response is received ?*


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