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From "Harris, Andrew" <>
Subject Order of elements in the Security Header when signing
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2017 03:41:44 GMT
I am using WSS4J to sign a SOAP message. I currently add a timestamp to the WSSecHeader and
add it as one of the Parts to sign and then sign the message.

When I sign the message the BST and Security Elements are prepended to the WSSecHeader and
therefore I end up with :

<wsse:BinarySecurityToken />
<ds:Signature />
<wsu:Timestamp />

But I am being told an error I am getting may be because it should be:

<wsu:Timestamp />
<wsse:BinarySecurityToken />
<ds:Signature />

I have traced the code to the line "sig.sign(signContext);" in the computeSignature method
in WSSecSignature. The sig object is an Apache implementation (
of javax.xml.crypto.dsig. XMLSignature which appears to always insert the signature as the
first item in the Security element.

Any thoughts on how to get what I am after?


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