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Subject cvs commit: xml-axis-wsif/forrest-src status.xml
Date Fri, 31 Jan 2003 14:56:03 GMT
owenb       2003/01/31 06:56:03

  Modified:    forrest-src status.xml
  Oops, put the old version in. Here's the latest version
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.2       +74 -25    xml-axis-wsif/forrest-src/status.xml
  Index: status.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/xml-axis-wsif/forrest-src/status.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.1
  retrieving revision 1.2
  diff -u -r1.1 -r1.2
  --- status.xml	31 Jan 2003 13:02:47 -0000	1.1
  +++ status.xml	31 Jan 2003 14:56:03 -0000	1.2
  @@ -13,15 +13,6 @@
    <todo info="Tasks for ">
     <actions priority="high">
  -   <action context="test" dev="">
  -        check current release and report problems
  -   </action>
  -   <action context="dist" dev="">
  -        check if we can distribute all jar files
  -   </action>
  -   <action context="samples" dev="">
  -        samples (we need to decide what does in and what is not to be in release
  -   </action>
      <action context="misc" dev="">
  @@ -49,22 +40,80 @@
  -  <!-- Add new releases here -->
  -  <release version="2.0-alpha1" date="2002">
  -   <!-- Some action types have associated images. By default, images are
  -   defined for 'add', 'fix', 'remove' and 'update'. If you add
  -   src/documentation/resources/images/<foo>.jpg images, these will
  -     automatically be used for entries of type <foo>. -->
  +   <release version="2.0" date="27th Jan 2003">
  +        <action dev="" type="add" context="admin">
  +            <strong>First official release (WSIF_2_0) <link href="">Download
  +        </action>
  +        <action dev="NM" type="add" context="admin">
  +1/23/03: built RC3 release (tagged as <strong>WSIF_2_0_RC3</strong>)
  +        </action>
  +        <action dev="" type="add" context="admin">
  +added JCA sample
  +        </action>
  +        <action dev="AE" type="add" context="admin">
  +fixed bugs:<br/>
  +<link href="">13646</link>
WSIFOperation_ApacheAxis fails to set up Call's Parameter list<br />
  +<link href="">15134</link>
 AXIS provider requires mail.jar and acivation.jar even when not using attachements<br
  +<link href="">15578</link>
 WSIF incorrectly handles returned attachment from service<br />
  +<link href="">15691</link>
 errors in docs<br />
  +<link href="">15780</link>
 WSIF stub invocation for doc style with unwrapped parts don't work<br />
  +<link href="">15837</link>
 Attachments fail if in the wrong order<br />
  +<link href="">16041</link>
 There is no way to override the default (de)serializers used by the WSIF AXIS provider<br
  +<link href="">16196</link>
 WSIF AXIS provider performance unacceptable<br />
  +<link href="">16197</link>
 axis provider messaging with attachments don't work<br />
  +<link href="">16199</link>
 response soap headers not passed to WSIF client<br />
  +<link href="">16199</link>
 WSIF AXIS provider no longer supports jms:property parts in the input message<br />
  +<link href="">16256</link>
 WSIF AXIS Operation uses incorrect encoding style<br />
  +<link href="">16271</link>
 WSIFUtils method initializeProviders should be public<br />
  +<link href="">16334</link>
 WSIF NPE for a document style service which is not wrapped<br />
  +        </action>
  -   <action dev="" type="add" context="admin">
  -            Initial 2.0 alpha release. <link href="">Download
  -   </action>
  -   <!-- Sample action:
  -   <action dev="JB" type="fix" due-to="Joe Contributor"
  -     due-to-email="">
  -     Fixed a bug in the Foo class.
  -   </action>
  -   -->
  -  </release>
  +<action dev="" type="add" context="admin">updated FAQ</action>
  +<action dev="" type="add" context="admin">added <link href="wsif_samples/index.html">DSL
provider</link> sample to demonstrate how WSIF
  +can be used ot interact with many services each potentially implemented with
  +different protocol (EJB, JMS, SOAP, ...).</action>
  +<action dev="" type="add" context="admin">added <link href="wsif_samples/index.html">JMS</link>
sample to demonstrate how WSIF
  +can be used to interacts with software accessible through the JMS API.</action>
  +<action dev="" type="add" context="admin">12/20/02: built RC1 release (tagged as
<strong>WSIF_2_0_RC1</strong>): new samples (<strong>multibinding</strong>,
  +misc. updates to documentation and samples</action>
  +<action dev="" type="add" context="admin">built BETA1 release (tagged as <strong>WSIF_2_0_BETA1</strong>):
  +improvements to documentation that is now split in smaller pieces that
  +are better fitting into <link href="">
  +</link> website</action>
  +<action dev="" type="add" context="admin">added EJB sample with documentation and
pre-packaged jar
  +for deployment in JBoss</action>
  +<action dev="" type="add" context="admin">built ALPHA2 release (tagged as <strong>WSIF_2_0_ALPHA2</strong>)</action>
  +<action dev="" type="add" context="admin">
  +  changed release packaging: there are now three different release builds:
  +<li><strong>src</strong>: only source file (no binaries) - essentially
all that is needed
  +to compile WSIF if you downloaded all required jar files</li>
  +<li><strong>bin</strong>: only binaries: just download few jar files
that can not be distributed
  +and you are ready to run WSIF (no source code except for samples)</li>
  +<li><strong>all</strong> = bin + src</li>
  +<action dev="" type="add" context="samples">
  +included samples to demonstrate invocation of SOAP service, local java and service with
complex types and documentation for samples.
  +<action dev="" type="add" context="docs">
  +documentation changes: <br />
  +factored out readme.html into smaller pieces that are put in doc/ (like cvs and requirements)
  +updated doc/ with factored out info about cvs and requirements and improved build instructions,
  +moved wsdl_extensions to doc/ from README_files,
  +simplified wsif.css (much less colors, easier to read ...)
  +   </release>

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