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From Aleksander Slominski <>
Subject irc chat log
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2003 16:20:25 GMT

just reminder: even if not announced we typpically hang around #wsif on 
undernet. Thursdays @ 3pm GMT (10am EST).

in today chat we agreed to use more mailing list as irc chat is 
sometimes hard to use (to get everybody connected) and we started 
discussion on how to deal with tests that needs components that are not 
available to all WSIF developers (like MQSeries) but can show power and 
versality of WSIF so they are desired to be part of WSIF.



[10:11] <nirmal> yes, I think a weekly chat is needed, but we can try 
and do more on mail (thus making chat shorter and less important)
[10:11] <whitlock> hi
[10:11] <ant> hi mark
[10:12] <alek_s> i think we are now fully connected?
[10:12] <nirmal> Hi Mark
[10:13] <nirmal> Shall we just update each other on status w.r.t. things 
we planned last week?
[10:13] <ant> I've nothing really to report. What about you?
[10:14] <nirmal> looks like we are ready - Jeremy not here but I don't 
think we are discussing anything important so we can go ahead IMHO
[10:15] <nirmal> so here's my update: I haven't been able to work on 
anything this week (doing other things). that's it, nice and short :-)
[10:16] <alek_s> i have moved WSIF dist from to and added redirect
[10:17] <alek_s> otherwise not much - learnt forrest a bit
[10:17] <alek_s> is there any way to edit graphically xbooks XML - they 
look very familiar to XHTML ..
[10:18] <alek_s> (not xbooks but xdocs ...)
[10:20] <whitlock> I'm working on several things - multiple inout/output 
parameters with Piotr and Jeremy - attachments over other providers - 
supporting wsif.soapserver=both - updating the JMS doc in forrest - 
testing out calling legacy MQ using our JMS providers
[10:21] <nirmal> I did a bit with the Forrest build but it still doesn't 
work from ant
[10:22] <nirmal> You can get it to work if you move some files around (I 
posted instructions on wsif-dev); hopefully I'll fix the build so it 
works in the near future
[10:23] <whitlock> Apparently our axis/jms should be able to invoke a 
soap/mq listener now if I set the correct JMS properties. To test this 
I'll need to write a soap/mq listener to the MQSeries APIs. Can I put 
such a testcase up to Apache?
[10:23] <owenb> the forrest xdocs are not the same as xhtml so I doubt it
[10:24] <owenb> xhtml is, after all, just html which is written in 
correct xml format
[10:24] <ant> mark: I would have thought no
[10:24] <ant> wouldn't the test fail for everyone who doesn't have mq?
[10:25] <owenb> On the subject of forrest, please can people remember 
that when you update the source,you need to rebuild the site and check 
the changed html into the ws-site project
[10:25] <alek_s> wat about having such test disabled by default
[10:25] <alek_s> and enabled only when local configuration tells it that 
it should be executed?
[10:26] <whitlock> ant: no because my testcase would check the 
jmsVendorURI in the WSDL against the JMS implementation
[10:26] <ant> I'm dubious about having any proprietry stuff in the 
apache cvs.
[10:26] <ant> I think we need to think about it more 1st and discuss it 
later on wsif-dev
[10:26] <whitlock> it demonstrates the power of WSIF to be able to run 
legacy apps
[10:26] <nirmal> right, I have changed mail.xml and will update the site 
[10:26] <whitlock> I could even write the backend in C
[10:27] <owenb> Unless you change it today, I've already updated it
[10:27] <nirmal> oh great, thanks
[10:27] <owenb> changed it today I meant
[10:28] <nirmal> right - I was planning to do it but had to put in 
another minor change so I did not, when I do make that change I will 
update the site as well
[10:30] <nirmal> I think if it requires MQ stuff to compile users and 
GUMP and non-IBMers won't be able to build so I would think not
[10:32] <nirmal> disabling the test by default so it doesn't fail sounds 
good, but what about compiling it?
[10:33] <nirmal> ahh, so we don't need to disable then
[10:34] <alek_s> tests should be easy to build and should compile even 
if MQ is not available ...
[10:35] <nirmal> won't gump fail?
[10:35] <nirmal> I guess we could disable building it by default and 
users can fix up build.xml if they have MQ stuff available
[10:36] <whitlock> OK I could document how to invoke legacy MQ in Apache 
and keep the testcase running internally in IBM
[10:36] <nirmal> But I think Ant is right - let's stick to tests, 
samples etc. that work against code and libraries that are freely available
[10:37] <nirmal> we can ponder that on wsif-dev...
[10:39] <nirmal> Anybody want to discuss anything or shall we officially 
[10:41] <alek_s> i have nothing to add ...
[10:42] <nirmal> that sounds good, maybe you can even add a note asking 
users to contact wsif-user if they are interested in running code to 
invoke MQ
[10:45] <ant> ok i'm off. talk to you all later.
[10:45] *** ant has left #wsif
[10:47] <nirmal> ok, that's it I guess then, thanks for coming all
[10:47] <owenb> bye
[10:47] *** owenb has left #wsif
[10:47] <nirmal> bye
[10:47] <alek_s> bye

"Mr. Pauli, we in the audience are all agreed that your theory is crazy. 
What divides us is whether it is crazy enough to be true." Niels H. D. Bohr

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