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From Aleksander Slominski <>
Subject Re: [wsif] generic type mapping [Re: bug 16485 [BeanDeserializer error when XML element starts with a capital letter]]
Date Wed, 19 Feb 2003 16:27:08 GMT
Anthony Elder wrote:

>I think this is getting a little confused.
>I don't think this is to do with type mapping specifically. WSIF already
>has mechanisms for user type mappings, this problem happens when the XML
>type - Java class has been correctly established, and a SOAP response is
>being deserialised into a Java object - its the individual fields within
>that which need to be mapped, and thats what AXIS uses the TypeDesc
>information for.

i believe that current mechanism is too simple and do not address needs 
of more demanding WSIF users.

>If AXIS was not used to generate the beans from the WSDL, (perhaps from the
>JAXB jxc, or the WASP WSDLCompiler, neither of which use TypeDesc) then the
>bean will not work with the WSIF AXIS provider.
in my opinion that indicates that WSIF is not very flexible and 
currently is dependent on AXIS and WSDL2Java.

i think that we need to look to make WSIF to work with other approaches 
to databinding as long as they can be made to work with WSLD4J.

>What Jacques-Olivier originally pointed out was that  this makes WSIF
>dependant on AXIS being used to generate the beans and thus the client code
>dependant upon the chosen binding,  and this breaks the WSIF being binding
>independent philosophy.
>Actually the above scenario of using JAXB or WASP would work unless any of
>the XML elements have names which start with a capital letter and this is
>what I think makes it seem like a bug somewhere. If the XML had a
>completely different name than the Java class field I  think it would be
>fine that it didn't work, but when just the case of the 1st character
>breaks it, it somehow makes it seems like a special case that should be
>So as I see the options are:
>1 - call this a limitation and do nothing
>2 - design a way to add the required TypeDesc info to the WSDL binding and
>get the WSIF AXIS provider to somehow get that from the binding and tell
>the AXIS BeanDeserializer about it.
>3 - make the case of the 1st character of XML names a special case that
>should be tolerated by the WSIF AXISProvider
>Does this sound right or have I misunderstood something?  Are there any
>other options?
option 2 looks to me worth pursuing to get WSIF to be easier to 
integrate with other databinding solutions - we should not make WSIF too 
dependent on AXIS but rather keep possible to add other SOAP or XML 
providers (like for example XML RPC).



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