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From "Owen D Burroughs" <>
Subject Re: Fw: [wsdl] Re: wsdl complex types with WSDL4J
Date Fri, 14 Feb 2003 17:19:22 GMT
"....anybody with...some knowledge of that code do jump in"....that'll be
me then ;-)

The code was written to serve the needs of WSIF. As mentioned, it is not a
full schema parser and is not meant to be. WSIF needs mappings from global
elements in the schema (a.k.a. top level elements) to Java class names. As
such the Parser code attempts to identify such elements and establish the
following information about them:

- is it a complex type?
- is it a simple type?
- is it an element? is it nillable?
- does it represent an array and if so an array of what?

Any other information is deemed irrelevant to working out the mapping and
so is pretty much ignored. This not only makes the code more simple, it
should also be better performance wise (less parsing).

The Parser class currently has a number of methods to return mappings. A
better approach would be to have the Parser just concentrate on finding all
the different elements/types in the schema(s) and have the mapping side
carried out seperatly with more options to customize the mappings. As
mentioned in a previous IRC (or at least hinted at), this is something I am
currently working on, so stay tuned!


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I think our schema parsing code in org.apache.wsif.schema is cool - IMHO
many people (such as the guy below) may find it useful enough to make it a
reason for moving to using WSIF. Perhaps we should highlight it more on the
web pages - anybody with time and some knowledge of that code do jump in!

Also I think eventually this belongs in ws-commons too, since it is really
a WSDL utility which other projects could use as well.

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   02/14/2003 05:54 AM          complex types with WSDL4J                 
   Please respond to wsdl                                                 

I had a quick look at the WSIF, and seems very easy to use for my needs...
Anyway, the overall project seems to be very interesting, and I'll
evaluate it more in depth to see if it's usefull for our work. :))

Thank you very much for pointing me to WSIF! :))

All the best...

--- In, Nirmal Mukhi <nmukhi@u...> wrote:

> Hi,
> You will need to use a schema parser for that. WSIF
> ( includes utilities for parsing schemas,
and is
> particularly suited for getting the list of defined types etc. in WSDL
> documents. See the org.apache.wsif.schema.Parser class in the WSIF
> code; this has a number of useful utility methods. Schema support is
> complete, but it supports a significant subset of schema, covering most
> practical cases.
> Nirmal.
> "xserty <xserty@l...>" <xserty
> 02/13/2003 08:02 AM
> Please respond to wsdl
>         To:
>         cc:
>         Subject:        [wsdl] wsdl complex types with WSDL4J
> Hi all...
> Can anybody help me parsing a WSDL file with WSDL4J to get complex
> I'm trying to parse a WSDL file with WSDL4J, but I can't "drill-down"
>  the <types> element to get to the <xsd:complexType>.
> For example, I can't reach the element name "x" and "y" in the
> following wsdl:
> [...]
>   <types>
>     <xsd:schema
>         targetNamespace=""
>         xmlns:SOAP-ENC=""
>         xmlns:wsdl=""
>         xmlns:xsd="">
>       <xsd:complexType name="Coordinate">
>         <xsd:sequence>
>           <xsd:element maxOccurs="1" minOccurs="1" name="x"
> type="xsd:float"/>
>           <xsd:element maxOccurs="1" minOccurs="1" name="y"
> type="xsd:float"/>
>         </xsd:sequence>
>       </xsd:complexType>
>     </xsd:schema>
>   </types>
> [...]
> Thanks very much for any help...
> Xserty

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