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From Nirmal Mukhi <>
Subject Re: Forrest target for Ant
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2003 13:45:55 GMT
Hi Jeremy,

Yes, that would be much better. Really what I committed was just a start, 
I was just messing around and got something to work. I'll put in more work 
to improve it when I can, and of course everybody should feel free to jump 
in and change what I've done so far if they get the time or inclination.


"Jeremy Hughes" <>
02/04/2003 08:42 AM
Please respond to wsif-dev
        To:     <>
        Subject:        Re: Forrest target for Ant

Nirmal, I think have FOREST_HOME set as an environment variable would be
better then use:

diff -u -r1.34 build.xml
--- build.xml   3 Feb 2003 21:30:49 -0000       1.34
+++ build.xml   4 Feb 2003 13:40:22 -0000
@@ -97,7 +97,8 @@
     <property name="j2c.packages" 
     <property name="j2c.sample.jar"
     <property name="j2c.sample.rar"
-    <property name="forrest.home" value=""/>
+    <property environment="env"/>
+    <property name="forrest.home" value="${env.FORREST_HOME}"/>

=================================================================== -->

then you wouldn't need to modify build.xml.

What do you think?


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From: "Nirmal Mukhi" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, February 03, 2003 9:38 PM
Subject: Forrest target for Ant


I modified the build to include a target for forrest. It isn't working
smoothly but it's a start. Here's what you need to do to make it work:

1. Modify build.xml (set forrest.home to point to your forrest
installation). build.xml has a check for this and won't build the website
if this variable doesn't point to a valid directory.

2. Copy the "documentation" directory (from
xml-axis-wsif/forrest-src/src/documentation) to java/src (so now you have

3. Run ant as usual specifying "site" as the target. This should build the
website under java/build/site


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