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From "Bhuvan Gupta" <>
Subject NewBie Question - Invoking EJBs using WSIF
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 11:43:06 GMT
Hi all,
I am an newbie to WSIF and in order to get myself familiar with the
concepts and fundamentals behind WSIF I am planning to develop a sample
application which invokes EJBs using WSIF.  
Here are the details of the application which I want to develop.
Take input form the user in xml format , invoke the EJB , get the
response, convert it into XML and return to the usr.
Application Details 
1. Configuration:
Following will be specified in the configurations
1.1. EJB Container Configurations 
- Provider URL
- InitialContextFactoryName
- UserName
- Password
1.2. EJB Information 
- Home class file Name
- Remote class file name
- Method to be invoked with parameter Type String. Parameter type string
should be enclosed in () Parameter Type String is the comma separated
string of parameter *data-type*
2. Execution
2.1. Startup task
During the startup, the Application shall 
a) Load the configuration
b) Generate WSDL for the EJB and add the EJB extension bindings in the
c) Generate a XSD for the input and output
- Input XSD would mean creating an XSD for the parameters. This will be
the format in which this application will expect the 
input xml.
- Output XSD would mean creating XSD for the return type of the EJB (if
any). This will be the format in which the 
application would spit the output.
d) Fire up a GUI containing two text areas names input and output and a
button titled invoke. 
User types the input in input textarea1 , presses the invoke button and
the output is displayed on the output textarea2.
2.2. Request Processing
When the user inputs the input xml in the textarea1 , 
- the application shall parse the xml and create the corresponding input
params (which are java objects) 
- invoke the configured method of the EJB 
- convert the response to xml and print it on the textarea2.

Please suggest me how should I proceed with the implementation.

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