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From Paul Russell <>
Subject Pluggable WSIFServiceFactories
Date Mon, 26 Jan 2004 23:45:08 GMT

I've been doing some work recently which involves putting an 
interceptor stack in the path of web service invocation. I did this by 
writing a custom implementation of the WSIFServiceFactory which routes 
the requests via the interceptor stack before invoking the 'real' 
service implementation via whatever provider was selected.

When I tried to run this, I discovered that the code to instantiate a 
non-standard  WSIFServiceFactory has been stripped out. I've made 
changes to my local copy of the codebase to re-introduce this feature. 
Is this something which has been long decided is a  'bad thing'? At the 
moment, the documentation doesn't seem to make it clear that this 
doesn't work, hence me spending a few hours writing something which 
couldn't work under the default implementation.

It seems to me that there are two options here:

1) Decide that this feature shouldn't be there. Modify the 
documentation to strip out any mention of this being a possibility.
2) Decide that this feature is useful (of which the fact that I'm using 
it may be some evidence). Modify the code-base to support the feature 

I'm more than happy to provide the appropriate patch if option two is 
the way to go...


Paul Russell

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