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From "Ananth Krishna">
Subject RE: [ANN] updated "Super" Dynamic Invoker (SDI)
Date Thu, 09 Dec 2004 11:46:04 GMT
Hi Alek,
 Apologies for the delay in replying to your email. Please find comments
inlined with your reply..

> >
> >A) Is the SDI part of WSIF ? 
> >
> no
> >If not will be included in future releases soon ?
> >  
> >
> possibly SDI or some form of it - concept and capabilities 
> are more important but all ultimately depends on user 
> feedback - do you like it and how to improve it :)

I and some of my colleagues here do like the idea of dynamic invocations
without having to generate java types or stubs statically. We might also
have some ideas of improving it. Really the key thing for us is to
contribute to a project that has some presence in the web services
community which is why we are keen to know if it will be taken up by
Axis at some point or will be part of WS-FX projects say..

> >C) The official, stable release of WSIF (2.0 I think) uses a vintage 
> >version of axis which doesn't include some bug fixes that we require 
> >(including a patch for Attachments that we submitted and is in Axis
> >1_2RC2)
> >  
> >
> this is fixed in CVS that uses the latest Axis 1.2RC2  - i 
> should make an interim wsif release soon to gather more feedback

I don't know about others but because we noticed a really old axis
version, we were about to write off WSIF as vintage !! But again really
it is WSIF Lite/something on those lines that we are interested in and
not WSIF itself.

> >Our approach to using WSIF currently was to try and have a 
> version that 
> >is perhaps WSIF Lite (by ripping off support for JMS,J2EE 
> bindings and 
> >having only a light weight web service client infrastructure). As we 
> >were thinking about it, we came upon the Super Dynamic Invoker which 
> >seems in some ways like WSIF Lite. If our thinking regarding 
> the SDI is 
> >right, it would be good to collaborate efforts on it to achieve more 
> >than we hope to if we went on our own, say..
> >  
> >
> Ananth, i am ver glad to hear it. 
> It would be great if we could discuss in detail use cases and 
> list of requirements for WSIF dynamic invoker - for example 
> how exactly to deal with complex types?

Last week and this week we have been really busy. But, early next week,
however, we are meeting to decide on this. We will try and identify as
many use cases as we can with possible suggestions for improvements..and
will keep you informed :-)


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