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From Jos van den Oever <>
Subject Re: Invocation by directly providing XML message
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2005 08:35:31 GMT
On Friday 17 June 2005 09:11, Aleksander Slominski wrote:
> you are welcome to take a look on XSUL2 that has this and many other
> improvements - in particular WSIFMessage is XmlElement and XML-Java
> mapping is optional layer - XmlBeans looked like the most complete XML
> Schema data binding so it is supported and there is simple XWSDL code
> generator that is SOAP toolkit independent:

Hi Alek,

I took a look at
but it seems to require a stub class. Since I want to write a client to invoke 
_any_ webservice, i don't see how i can use this because I cannot generate a 
stub in advance.

Would it be possible to do something like this:

WSIFClient wsc = WSIFRuntime.newClient(wsdlLoc);
// find the default bound operation
Operation operation = wsc.findOperation(operName);
if (operation == null) {
	System.out.println("Operation "+operName+" is not available.");
operation.addInput(inputName, inputNode);;
for (Part p : operation.getOutput()) {
	System.out.println(": "+p.xmlNode());

Also I don't want to do any XML Schema validation initially. I just want to 
read a WSDL, find a bound operation, specify it's input as XML nodes, call 
the operation and process the ouput and faults. The input parts need to be 
specified as nodes, not elements, because e.g. a part of type xs:string is 
not an element.

Which module of xsul2 should I obtain to write only such a client?

Best regards,

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