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From bh...@apache.org
Subject Changes in Apache mailing lists.
Date Thu, 04 Nov 1999 17:36:23 GMT

You are receiving this note because you are subscribed to the
apache-announce mailing list at apache.org.

It has three purposes.  To:
 1. Urge you to join a new mailing list.
 2. Notify you of a name change.
 3. Notify you we are using new mailing list software

The new mailing list is hosted at the Apache Conference site.  It is a
low-volume mailing list.  We will be using it to disseminate information
about conference events organized by the Foundation and/or its member
projects, particularly the ApacheCon conferences.  In some cases these
events are organized with the help of sponsoring commercial
organizations, and short commercial sponsorship messages may be included
in messages sent to the list.

 *** Please subscribe today! ***
   Just send an empty email message to


To make things a little more consistent we are doing a little
housekeeping and changing the name of the mailing list used to send
*this* message apache-announce@apache.org to announce@apache.org.  

This last change is cosmetic but effects how you unsubscribe.  We are
changing the mailing list software. We now use ezmlm (previously we used
majordomo).  The differences to you is very minor, but significant.
Now, to unsubscribe, one would need to email announce-unsubscribe@apache.org.
If you'd like to see the other options available, send an email to 

Again, let me encourage you to subscribe to the new conferences
and events mailing list by sending email to:


We are all looking forward to seeing many of you at ApacheCon 2000
<http://apachecon.com/> in Orlando Florida, USA, March 8-10th 2000.

 - Ben Hyde

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