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From Brian McCallister <bri...@apache.org>
Subject [ANN] OJB 1.0rc7 Released
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2004 13:30:43 GMT
The OJB team would like to announce the release of Apache 
Object/Relational Bridge (OJB) 1.0rc7.

This release will hopefully be the final release candidate before 
version 1.0. If no major problems
are discovered, OJB 1.0 will be released in one week.




- New Apache Forrest generated web site.

- OJB.properties file has changed, don't forget to replace on update! 
One new property
to set in managed environments.

- Logging settings have moved to separate OJB-logging.properties file

- Logging initialization is now decoupled form OJB initialization; this 
described in the new reference guide for logging

- It is no longer necessary to provide an empty repository.xml file 
when starting
without repository and connection descriptors

- rename/move internal package org.apache.ojb.odmg.transaction to 
In managed environments each (top-level) API use transaction manager 
access, thus the TM related
classes are moved to the PB kernel and OJB.properties entries change.

- Base class for ODMG api access within non- or managed environments is 
org.apache.ojb.odmg.OJB. The used org.odmg.Implementation interface 
is specified in OJB.properties.

- ConnectionManager is more strict on CM.releaseConnection() method 
calls. Now an
exception is thrown when CM is in a "local transaction" status when try 
to release
the connection. The local tx status of ConnectionManager and 
PersistenceBroker implementation
is now decoupled, useful in managed environments allows to "close the 
connection" without
change the PB tx-state.

- the indirection handler (for reference proxies), and the list and set 
proxy classes
can now be configured in the OJB.properties file

- new CollectionProxy interface introduced to allow the ODMG api to 
make use of alternate collection
proxy implementations.


- odmg-api: It is not possible to exchange objects in 1:n references.

- odmg-api: Creation of m:n relation only works when objects created 
step by step (or use PB-api
as workaround), persist a whole object graph doesn't work. On delete of 
collection objects from a m:n relation
objects will be deleted from the indirection table and (unexpected 
behaviour) from the referenced
table too.

- A count on ReportQueries containing groupBy does not deliver a 
correct result.

- Batch handling doesn't work properly with optimistic locking.

- ReportQueries should not be used with columns referencing Classes 
with extents.

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