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From Cezar Andrei <ce...@apache.org>
Subject [ANN] XMLBeans V2.0.0 available
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2005 22:13:33 GMT
Based on the results of the vote published on the dev mailing list on 
06/24, we are happy to announce the availability of XMLBeans V2.0.0 .

XMLBeans is a tool that allows you to access the full power of XML in a 
Java friendly way. You can take advantage of all the richness and features 
of XML and XML Schema and have these features mapped as naturally as 
possible to the equivalent Java language and typing constructs.
XMLBeans uses XML Schema to generate Java interfaces and classes that you 
can then use to access and modify XML instance data. Using XMLBeans is 
similar to using any other Java interface/class, you will see things like 
getFoo or setFoo just as you would expect when working with Java.
While a major use of XMLBeans is to access your XML instance data with 
strongly typed Java classes there are also API's that allow you to access 
the full XML infoset (XMLBeans keeps XML Infoset fidelity) as well as to 
reflect into the XML schema itself through an XML Schema Object Model.

Here's a short list of improvements in this release:

 	Improved XQuery/XPath integration - Both XQuery and XPath on 
XMLBeans are now fully integrated. XPath and XQuery expressions can return 
other XMLObjects, or they can be executed using an XmlCursor instance, in 
which case you manipulate the results using a cursor.

 	DOM Level II Support - DOM Level II support is now implemented 
natively so that you can handle the underlying XML in the DOM style. You 
can switch between DOM, XmlCursor, and XmlObject (either untyped or 
typed). This improves performance and reduces the memory footprint over 
Version 1.

 	Extensions - You can now add custom functionality to generated 
XMLBeans. You can pass to the Schema Compiler 1) an interface that defines 
the set of methods to implement and 2) a static handler that implements 
this functionality. The generated classes will implement the interface 
and, for each method, call out to the static handler.

 	Improved Error Handling - This version adds error codes and 
ensures message consistency. In addition, fail-fast behavior is provided 
for simple types, while access to the post schema validation infoset is 
made available during validation.

 	Performance - Performance has been improved across the board. 
Native DOM support improves performance and memory footprint; XML parsing 
is now by default performed by Piccolo, a high performance parser; 
incremental compilation of only modified artifacts has been added; and the 
performance of the XmlCursor implementation has been greatly improved.

 	JDK 1.5 Generics - Generated classes now optionally take advantage 
of JDK 1.5 Generics.  Note that JDK 1.4 continues to be supported.

 	XML Instance/XSD Generation - You can generate a sample XML 
instance from schema using the xsd2inst tool (which uses the 
SchemaInstanceGenerator class). You can also generate a schema from an 
instance using the inst2xsd tool (which uses the Inst2Xsd class).

The XMLBeans team

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