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From Thomas Dudziak <to...@minotaur.apache.org>
Subject Apache OJB 1.0.4 released
Date Sun, 01 Jan 2006 11:13:26 GMT
Apache Object/Relational Bridge (OJB) is an Object/Relational mapping
tool that allows transparent persistence for Java objects against
relational databases.

The OJB team is happy to announce the 1.0.4 release:

Release 1.0.4
* Support for embedded & network Derby (only distinct count queries don't 
work yet)
* Added ability to prepare the database for OJB's unit tests via DdlUtils 
(instead of Torque)
   Note that this is required when running the tests against Derby
* [OJB-10] - Configurable Proxy generation (including CGLIB based 
* [OJB-31] - Configurable JDBC driver-setting setFetchSize
* [OJB-14] - Setting custom JDBC driver tuning options trough 
* [OJB-6]  - Support for stored procedures returning ResultSet.
* [OJB-41] - ODMG-api: Allow cascading delete using auto-delete setting in 
* [OJB-66] - Allow to specify a sequence start element for 
   Fixed for Oracle, PostgreSQL, MaxDB/SapDB, DB2. Additionally sequence 
   like 'increment by', 'cache', 'order',... are supported too. See 
'sequence manger'
   guide and javadoc
* Add new ODMG extensions and configuration properties. All properties can 
be set
   at runtime as global property in class ImplementationExt and for a 
   transaction in class TransactionExt:
   - 'ordering' Allow to dis-/enable OJB's object ordering on transaction 
   - 'implicitLocking' Dis-/enable OJB's implicit locking
* Add new property 'TxCheck' in OJB.properties file. When enabled, on PB 
store and
   delete calls OJB checks for a running PB-tx, if not found an error is 
logged in order to
   avoid store/delete calls without a running PB-tx (while development).

* Internal OJB class configuration files are changed, don't forget to 
   these files on upgrade from older version (by default the internal used
   classes are located in repository_internal.xml).
* Improved performance comparison tests ('ant perf-test' and 'ant 
   Now the tests more fair for registered API's
* In order to facilitate [OJB-10] the constructor signature of 
VirtualProxy has been changed.

   Pluggable class interfaces changed to support and fix OJB-31, OJB-6, 
   - StatementsForClassIF
   - StatementManagerIF
   - Platform
   - RowReader
   - SqlGenerator
* Configurable ProxyFactory is now available. Both JDK-based (default) and 
   are provided. CGLIB-based generation allows for proxies to be generated 
for all
   persistent classes, and not just ones that implement an interface.
* Change in behavior of property 'useAutoCommit="1"' in 
   detailed info can be found in reference guide of the repository file
* ConnectionFactoryManagedImpl is declared deprecated. Now OJB automatic 
detect the
   running JTA-transaction and suppress critical method calls on the used 
* Removed deprecated SequenceManager implementation 
* Remove unused method #setReferenceFKs from SequenceManager interface
* ODMG-api: Method behavior of 
ImplementationImpl#setImplicitLocking(boolean) changed.
   Now this method set the global property for 'implicitLocking'. Old 
version only changed the
   implicit locking behavior for the current used transaction, this is 
moved to
* Internal used OJB_HL_SEQ table changed. Remove of deprecated column.
   If the SequenceManagerHighLowImpl was used and problems occur after 
upgrade, please
   drop and recreate this table without removed column
* Cleanup naming of 'PersistentField' implementation classes: Remove 
deprecated classes, rename
   implementation classes, declare all ...ImplNew classes as deprecated.
   See OJB.properties file.
* Upgraded ANTLR to v2.7.5 (OQL and JDOQL parser classes have been 
* Upgraded commons-dbcp to v1.2.1
* Upgraded commons-pool to v1.2
* Upgraded commons-beanutils to v1.7
* Upgraded commons-logging to v1.0.4
* Upgraded commons-collections to v3.1
* Upgraded hsql to v1.8.0.2
* Upgraded Torque to v3.1.1

* [OJB-18] - ODMG ordering problem with circular/bidirectional 1:1 
* [OJB-25] - Inheritance (each subclass on separate table) PK problem with
   nextval SequenceManager
* [OJB-26] - JDBC-ODBC bridge problem
* [OJB-27] - [ODMG] Foreign key violation
* [OJB-29] - Infinite loop in case of refresh=true and cycles in 
* [OJB-40] - CallableStatement check doesn't work with maxDB
* [OJB-42] - MsSQLServer, auto-generated querry error (m:n relation)
* [OJB-44] - ReferenceMap$Entry keeps growing over period of application 
* [OJB-52] - KeyConstraintViolatedException during store
* [OJB-54] - ConnectionFactoryManagedImpl may try to use pool
* [OJB-55] - Getting foreignkeyField's FieldDescriptor is failing if the 
   field is defined in the base class
* [OJB-59] - Incorrect identity management in SequenceManagerNativeImpl
   because of wrong plate-forme settings
* [OJB-62] - addPathClass in QueryByCriteria does not consider inheritance
* [OJB-63] - Bug when query against objects mapped on multiple joined 
tables ("super"-references)
* [OJB-70] - Connection reset by peer: socket write error
* [OJB-76] - OJB MtoN implementor failes to work properly with composite 
M&N keys that
   have some fields common.
* [OJB-77] - PlatformMsSQLServerImpl.getLastInsertIdentityQuery creates 
incorrect SQL
   statement to pull the identity from the last

* Auto-Detection for insert/update objects checks to avoid DB queries the 
PK fields of the object.
   If at least one PK field is 'NULL' or if primitive field '0', OJB assume 
the object is new and
   needs insert. This will be configurable in next upcoming version. 
Workaround for PB-api: use method
   PB#store(Object obj, ObjectModification mod) to state update or insert.
* Batch handling doesn't work properly with optimistic locking. This will 
be fixed
   in version 1.1
* Subqueries are not extent aware. see 
* Managed Environment: When run OJB in managed environment and using 
PBStateListener, the call of
   PBStateListener#beforeClose(PBStateEvent event) is made twice when
   a PB instance was closed in a JTA-tx (for the first time when PB.close() 
was called
   in bean on the PB handle, second time when the JTA-tx completes)
* otm-api: The OTM API has a known caching issue and should not be 
considered for code used
   in production environments. The future of the OTM layer will be subject 
for discussion on the
   OJB developers list, if you are using it - please subscribe to ojb-dev 
and make your voice heard.
* Oracle9i platform: when using statement batching, there is a 2k limit on 
BLOB + 4k limit on CLOB.

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