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From "Trustin Lee" <trus...@apache.org>
Subject [ANN] Apache MINA 0.9.3: A Network Application Framework (Revised)
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2006 07:43:26 GMT
Apologies for your inconvenience due to dead links.  Here's the revised

The Apache Directory project team is proud to announce the release of MINA,
a network application framework, version 0.9.3.

Apache MINA (Multipurpose Infrastructure for Network Applications) is a
network application framework which helps users develop network applications
easily by providing abstractions of network and protocol I/O layers. The
MINA project website
<http://directory.apache.org/subprojects/mina/>includes resources such
as an introductory presentation ( PPT
(with animations) <http://directory.apache.org/subprojects/mina/mina.ppt> or
PDF (without animations)<http://directory.apache.org/subprojects/mina/mina.pdf>)and
an implementation demo
Additionally, 6
provided to help you learn
MINA even under serious time constraint.

Feature List:

   - Abstract API which supports various transport types (TCP and UDP)
   - Very easy to learn
   - Unit test friendly
   - In-VM pipe communication
   - Extensible ByteBuffer pooling mechanism
   - Various thread model
   - Support for SSL/TLS including StartTLS
   - Support for stream compression using JZLib
   - Support for both text-based and binary protocols
   - Support for stream-based I/O
   - Integration with Spring framework

Changes since 0.9.2:

   - Stream compression filter using JZLib
   - Much easier way to specify a thread model
   - Support for ByteBuffer.duplicate (), slice(), and asReadOnlyBuffer()

   - Several bug fixes

The Apache Directory project team is always open for your feedback. Please
let us know what you think about MINA.

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