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From "Sebastian Bazley (Apache)" <s...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] JMeter 2.2 has been released
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2006 11:22:38 GMT
JMeter 2.2 has been released, and should by now now be available from
the mirrors - see:


The ".tgz" and ".zip" files contain exactly the same files; ".zip"
files are best for use on DOS/Windows platforms.

Only the binary archive is needed to run JMeter - there is no need to
download the source archive.

You may need to download some additional optional libraries - see the
getting started page for details:


Note: originally the release was going to be called 2.1.2, but the
changes are quite substantial.


Incompatible changes - see the file changes.html for details:
- requires Java 1.4 or later (the getting started page is wrong, sorry)
- timestamp is now the start time
- JMX format simplified
- jmeter.bat no longer changes to bin directory


New or updated features (partial list):

HTTP Samplers:
- now use the much better HttpClient cookie handling.
- HEAD, PUT, OPTIONS, TRACE and DELETE now supported
- slow connection emulation for HttpClient sampler
- local address can be configured for HttpClient (e.g. multi-homed hosts)
- AJP Tomcat protocol supported
- support for using htmlparser 1.6
- URL rewriter now caches the session id in case it is not included in
every response
- embedded resources can now be extracted from any content types
SOAP/XML-RPC request can be loaded from a file
BeanShell - added Pre- and Post-Processors; Timer and better
client-server application
JDBC has callable statement facility
Additional Results file items:
- bytes read; URL; current thread count
New / updated functions:
__time() function; results files can be automatically time-stamped
__jexl() function for JEXL expression evaluation
__split() function now clears next variable, so can be used with For
Each controller
Summary Report uses less memory than Aggregate Report
Easier to change RMI port
Additional command line options and files for defining System and
JMeter properties
Documentation has been updated.


There are also lots of bug fixes, including:

Cookie management much improved
Auto and Follow redirects handled better
Various embedded resource parser fixes
Counter functions are now independent


For more updates please see the Changes file in the distribution.


Of course there are still some bugs outstanding...

Test cases and patches for bugs are always welcome (but please attach
them to the appropriate Bugzilla issue, as they tend to get mangled or
lost if posted to the mailing list).

pp. The JMeter team.
Seb, Mike, Peter ... etc.

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