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From Cameron McCormack <...@apache.org>
Subject [ANN] Batik 1.7beta1 released
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2007 05:01:26 GMT
[And once more with a PGP signature…]

The Apache Batik team is proud to announce the long-awaited release of
Apache Batik version 1.7beta1, a Java-based toolkit for processing SVG.

This is the first release of Batik in approximately two years, and
brings many new features and improvements over version 1.6.  Notable new
features include:

  * DOM Level 3 Core/Events/XPath support
  * Improved WMF transcoder support
  * Near complete SMIL Animation support
  * A few SVG 1.2 features, such as:
      * resource documents
      * shapechange and RenderedBBoxChange events
      * SVGGlobal startMouseCapture/stopMouseCapture methods 
      * handler elements

Batik can be downloaded from here:


For the full list of improvements and bug fixes over version 1.6, click
on the “release change log” link from that page.

The reasoning behind having a beta release rather than a full release is
that there has been a great deal of changes since version 1.6, and while
we believe the code to be reasonably stable, it would be beneficial to
get feedback from users on any bugs that may have been missed.  We plan
to have a full 1.7 release in a month or two.

If you find any problems, please file bug reports:


And for more information, see the Batik project website:



—for the Apache Batik team

Cameron McCormack, http://mcc.id.au/
	xmpp:heycam@jabber.org  ▪  ICQ 26955922  ▪  MSN cam@mcc.id.au

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