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From Norman Maurer <nor...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache JAMES Server 2.3.1 released
Date Mon, 30 Apr 2007 06:21:59 GMT
Hi all,

The Apache JAMES project is  happy to announce the final version
of JAMES Server 2.3.1. This is a bugfix release. You should upgrade as soon as possible.

JAMES Server 2.3.1 can be downloaded at:


The bugfixes / tasks since 2.3.0 are:

* Remove ordb.org from docs
* OOM caused by unbounded cache in InetAddress (was James leaks memory slowly)
* sendmail.py doesn't handle multiple TO-recipient
* sendmail.py crashes on line "from_addr = os.environ['USER'] + '@' + socket.getfqdn()"
* ServerConnection doesn't properly handle the TCP/IP backlog
* Search & Fix broken links on the new website
* MBoxMailRepository.remove(String key) causes ClassCastException
* Failure to correctly set mail.smtp.localhost leads to mail servers
being listed on cbl.abuseat.org and mail being rejected by Spamhaus.
* MailAddress not check for valid syntax if new MailAddress(user, domain) is used
* sendmail.py use localhost to connect to local smtpserver. We should use
* exporting variables using build.sh on solaris breaks
* James will not start if there is directory with too many files and folders in the repostiory
* python/sendmail.py is not added to the binary distribution package

* Update license headers to follow the latest ASF requirements as of November the 1st
* Merge 2.3.0a1 to 2.3.0 final releases on JIRA
* Upgrade dnsjava to 2.0.3 when available
* Add documentation for the dns ttl issue
* Make sure our container use an expiration for cached dns data

For more information see the changelog page.

Apache James Team

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