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From Marc Prud'hommeaux <mprud...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache OpenJPA 1.0.0 released
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2007 23:06:53 GMT

The Apache OpenJPA community is pleased to announce the release of  
Apache OpenJPA version 1.0.0. The release is available for download at:



OpenJPA is a 100% compliant feature-rich implementation of the  
persistence part of Enterprise Java Beans 3.0, also known as the Java  
Persistence API (JPA). It can be used as a stand-alone POJO  
persistence layer, or it can be integrated into any EJB3.0 compliant  
container and many lightweight frameworks.

Apache OpenJPA 1.0.0 is a major release, and the first one since the  
project graduated from incubation in May of 2007.

For more information, see the Apache OpenJPA website at:


Changes in this release

** Sub-task
     * [OPENJPA-194] - Correct suffixes of build artifacts to  
elimiate '-all' and '-project'
     * [OPENJPA-279] - Missing lookup for non-jta-data-source in  
     * [OPENJPA-297] - Lazy loading must be ignored in certain  
unenhanced cases
     * [OPENJPA-298] - Documentation of new behavior
     * [OPENJPA-299] - Provide a means to enable the old enhancing agent

** Bug
     * [OPENJPA-61] - Missing usage of  
     * [OPENJPA-83] - Bad SQL for Subselect BETWEEN
     * [OPENJPA-86] - "uuid-hex" generator does not make affect in  
     * [OPENJPA-143] - Problems with Single Table Inheritance  
Strategy (and Discriminator Type of Integer)
     * [OPENJPA-148] - Parsing exception while using an "exploded"  
     * [OPENJPA-165] - QueryImpl.setFirstResult does not take already  
set maxResults into account
     * [OPENJPA-177] - When using NOT NULL constraint on foreign key  
it is not possible to use CascadeType.ALL and GeneratedId
     * [OPENJPA-199] - bulk update gets parsing exception trying to  
update an attribute of an embedded class
     * [OPENJPA-203] - Pessimistic Lock Manager not locking the rows
     * [OPENJPA-219] - Reflection: negative caching would be  
beneficial in redeployment scenarios
     * [OPENJPA-229] - OpenJPA fails with MappedSuperclasses and  
Entities with the same short names
     * [OPENJPA-230] - Handle guaranteed delivery of Data Cache  
events on normal JVM termination using TCPRemoteCommitProvider
     * [OPENJPA-233] - Top level POM declares a compile-time  
dependency on JUnit
     * [OPENJPA-234] - Exception in thread "main" <0.9.8-incubating- 
SNAPSHOT-incubating-SNAPSHOT fatal user error>  
org.apache.openjpa.persistence.ArgumentException: Could not locate  
metadata for the class using alias
     * [OPENJPA-237] - Value.setAliases does not copy alias strings
     * [OPENJPA-244] - Java 2 Security enablement
     * [OPENJPA-248] - ForeignKey cascade delete action not working
     * [OPENJPA-256] - java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:  
org.apache.openjpa.util.CacheMap in a jetty spring environment
     * [OPENJPA-257] - Getter/Setter type inconsistency in Entity  
     * [OPENJPA-269] - Informix doesn't support subselects or using  
table aliases in a delete statement.
     * [OPENJPA-271] - DB2 missing JDBC driver 2 support
     * [OPENJPA-272] - @GenerateValue (AUTO) doesn't work with  
Property level access
     * [OPENJPA-274] - JPQL queries cannot access version fields,  
including bulk updates
     * [OPENJPA-278] - OpenJPAQuery.getDataStoreActions() returns an  
empty String array
     * [OPENJPA-280] - Enhancement failure for inherited fields  
introduced with change 532137
     * [OPENJPA-281] - EAGER not the default fetch type without the  
@Basic annotation
     * [OPENJPA-284] - TableJDBCSeq for GeneratedValue.TABLE did not  
handle initialValue correctly
     * [OPENJPA-285] - Multiple deploy/undeploy leaks memory in  
     * [OPENJPA-287] - Generated methods on superclasses are not  
visible to subclasses
     * [OPENJPA-294] - Exception while enchnancing  the java classes  
using OpenJPA PCEnhancerTask  with build.xml
     * [OPENJPA-296] - UUID algorithm generating non-unique values  
     * [OPENJPA-304] - Problems with DepthFirstAnalysis and the IBM JDK
     * [OPENJPA-308] - Postgres: bytea vs. oid handling in  
PreparedStatement.setNull() calls
     * [OPENJPA-311] - Problem loading classes with OSGi classloaders
     * [OPENJPA-312] - derby fails with duplicate primary key(s) in  
group by list
     * [OPENJPA-313] - list of objects returned by query partially  
     * [OPENJPA-314] - Unenhanced complex id in MappedSuperclass  
causes NPE
     * [OPENJPA-315] - Unenhanced generated id field of a primitive  
wrapper type causes NPE
     * [OPENJPA-320] - Do not use System Tables (SYS*) with DB2
     * [OPENJPA-321] - DB2 ABS Casting problem
     * [OPENJPA-322] - Timezone on the Calendar object lost in proxying
     * [OPENJPA-323] - Cleanup some message text
     * [OPENJPA-325] - Uncommitted, flushed data can leak into data  

** Improvement
     * [OPENJPA-226] - Change openjpa.DetachState 'fgs' setting to  
     * [OPENJPA-259] - Ability to parse EJB QL multiline queries in  
     * [OPENJPA-266] - Add Extensibility: Change "private" field/ 
method to "protected" or "public"  in OpenJPA classes to be extendable
     * [OPENJPA-275] - Bulk updates: version information should be  
automatically maintained when the query does not

** New Feature
     * [OPENJPA-168] - sql optimize n rows query hint
     * [OPENJPA-239] - Option for the reverse mapping tool to  
generate mapping annotations
     * [OPENJPA-262] - Event notification of BrokerFactory creation
     * [OPENJPA-263] - Introducing getAll(List) method for data cache  
to be called by loadAll() will allow data cache plug-ins to leverage  
the advantage of any third-party cache that provides a way to get  
multiple object in one call by providing a list of keys (oids).
     * [OPENJPA-317] - API formalization pre-1.0

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