Hi Everyone,

The Maven Archiva team is pleased to announce the release of Archiva 1.0.1

Archiva is a build artifact repository manager for use with build tools such as Maven, Continuum and Ant.

It has features like repository search and browse, securing repositories, identifying unknown artifacts and reporting of repository problems.

Aside from these, it can also act as a nearby (proxy) cache of popular global repositories.

The latest release is now available here:


The site has also been updated, you can visit it at:


Below are the jira issues that were resolved for Archiva 1.0.1:

Release Notes - Archiva - Version 1.0.1

** Bug
    * [MRM-623] - find artifact self signed certificate will expire soon
    * [MRM-628] - In the audit.log file the userid for each action is guest, even though the deploy was performed by admin
    * [MRM-630] - http 502 proxy error with browse button after 2 days running
    * [MRM-633] - Logging is too verbose
    * [MRM-646] - Documentation for configuring for Tomcat is invalid
    * [MRM-662] - Repo purge is not deleting artifacts in correct order
    * [MRM-668] - Repo browse and search isn't working in trunk and in archiva 1.0.1 release candidate
    * [MRM-670] - legacy artifact mapping form needs better validation

** Improvement
    * [MRM-594] - add some minimal hook in LegacyPathParser to allow exception management in artifact resolution

** Task
    * [MRM-619] - Update docs/site for some corrections

Maven Archiva Team