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From "Maria Odea Ching" <och...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Archiva 1.1 Released!
Date Sun, 20 Jul 2008 07:30:02 GMT
The Apache Archiva team is pleased to announce the release of Archiva 1.1

Archiva is a build artifact repository manager for use with build tools such
as Maven, Continuum and Ant.

It has features like repository search and browse, securing repositories,
identifying unknown artifacts and reporting of repository problems.

Aside from these, it can also act as a nearby (proxy) cache of popular
global repositories.

The latest release is now available here:


If you have any questions, please consult:

 - the web site: http://archiva.apache.org
 - the archiva-user mailing list: http://archiva.apache.org/mail-lists.html

New in Archiva 1.1

* Artifact Uploads

To simplify adding artifacts to a repository, an upload form has been put in
place that allows you to put an artifact and POM into the repository without
the need for the Maven deploy-file command.


RSS is now available for getting a feed of new artifacts being added to a
given repository. Two types of feeds are generated by Archiva: new artifacts
in a repository and new versions of a specific artifact.

* Virtual Repositories

Virtual repositories or repository groups allows downloading from a group of
repositories via one url (group url).

* Timeouts

Connections to remote repositories can now have a configurable timeout value

* New Runtime Bundle

The application is now distributed using Jetty 6.1 and it's documented
configuration, rather than the previous Plexus application server bundle. It
continues to use the Java Service Wrapper (v3.2.3) for application
monitoring, though the configuration has been improved, particularly with
regard to separating the application configuration from the installation.

* Using Spring

Archiva now uses the Spring Framework as it's underlying container instead
of Plexus. This results in a boost in performance and stability for the web
application in particular.

* Using Apache Jackrabbit WebDAV Servlet

Archiva now uses Apache Jackrabbit's WebDAV servlet for serving repository
content instead of plexus-webdav. The change results in reduced codebase
complexity, increased standards compliance, better webdav client support and
a small peformance boost.

Change Log for Archiva 1.1

    * [MRM-801] - Create documentation for virtual repositories
    * [MRM-861] - Paginate Search Results page
    * [MRM-234] - Moving files between repos through webdav doesn't work
    * [MRM-312] - ConcurrentModificationException
    * [MRM-523] - Appearance Actions do not work when ${user.home} is
    * [MRM-538] - Browse > Info not synchronised with updated POM contents
    * [MRM-550] - proxy connectors - move up/down should not show when it's
not possible
    * [MRM-597] - Cannot run Archiva as another user because su is run with
option "-" (--login)
    * [MRM-602] - add "maintainance" to the feature tour
    * [MRM-605] - unit tests fail on archiva 1.0 source distribution
    * [MRM-610] - a number of unit tests fail on windows
    * [MRM-614] - User validation message has incorrect URL
    * [MRM-624] - Failed to install Archiva as windows service
    * [MRM-629] - NullPointer when setting corporate POM on a fresh archvia
    * [MRM-638] - some developer reports are appearing in the archiva-docs
module and need to be disabled
    * [MRM-650] - Deleted metadata files still appear in search results
    * [MRM-652] - Invalid html links in "webdav" directory browsing
    * [MRM-653] - WebDAV deploy fails with error
    * [MRM-658] - org.apache.maven.archiva.repository.content.FilenameParser
is unable to determine unique snapshot versions with specific version names
    * [MRM-682] - Archiva runs out of heap memory
    * [MRM-692] - Repository problem is kept in database even though its
related artifact has been already removed
    * [MRM-702] - in the standalone bundle, the pid file is written into the
installation directory alongside the wrapper, but should be in a temporary
    * [MRM-711] - Security using ldap throws NullPointerException
    * [MRM-733] - Error ending component lifecycle
    * [MRM-753] - Error while deploying an artifact to archiva
    * [MRM-767] - generated LICENSE and NOTICE files need improvement
    * [MRM-768] - Cannot proxy maven2 plugin (jaxb) from a maven1 repository
    * [MRM-769] - CLONE - 507 Insufficient Storage when deploying artifact
with webdav
    * [MRM-777] - assignments.jsp: missing <tr></tr> group under "Resource
    * [MRM-778] - DefaultDavServerManager.createServer doesn't create server
    * [MRM-780] - Access to indexes files with a browser is not possible
    * [MRM-784] - mailing-info on the website points to 'old'
maven.apache.org addresses
    * [MRM-785] - No message is displayed after a successful artifact upload
    * [MRM-789] - Archiva may delete you app server installation
    * [MRM-790] - [regression] proxying metadata causes an IO exception in
new checksum code
    * [MRM-792] - remove references to maven in code
    * [MRM-796] - releases always activated in repositories
    * [MRM-797] - Delete Released Snapshots doesn't work
    * [MRM-800] - Admin user account user lockout via Webdav only?
    * [MRM-810] - Uploads done through the Web UI are not reported in the
audit log
    * [MRM-818] - [Repository Group] Page will be broken if entered
identifier is too long
    * [MRM-819] - ERROR 404 page when clicking the URL of Repository Group
with identifier i.e. "test/test"
    * [MRM-820] - 404 when the dav url of an Archiva default repository
(internal or snapshots) is accessed
    * [MRM-823] - Deleted repository still shows up in the repo group
    * [MRM-824] - dependency cleanup
    * [MRM-835] - Checksum search appears broken
    * [MRM-840] - Wagon HTTP deadlocks under high load
    * [MRM-845] - Continuous Loop when you click a repository group link
    * [MRM-846] - "Repository Purge By Retention Count" option not working
    * [MRM-847] - DependencyTreeGeneratorConsumerTest fails under windows
due to line ending
    * [MRM-851] - wrong taglib short-name causes deployment error on
    * [MRM-853] - HTTP Error 500 when uploading artifact with Windows OS
    * [MRM-855] - java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
    * [MRM-856] - Artifact Upload replaces all instances of the name "jar"
with "pom" when trying to change the file extension
    * [MRM-858] - last-modified header is missing
    * [MRM-865] - Upload snapshot should work like a deploy
    * [MRM-867] - 500 on HEAD method
    * [MRM-869] - many empty folders created in managed repos with proxy
connectors when used in a group
    * [MRM-870] - addRepositoryToGroup.action => AbstractMethodError on
    * [MRM-871] - jetty.host and jetty.port properties are set by default in
jetty.xml preventing user from using other hostname if user is not aware of
these properties
    * [MRM-872] - empty metadatas frmo a repository group
    * [MRM-591] - Reports should show from which repository the defective
artifact was found.
    * [MRM-651] - Updated consumer plugin to build against the 1.1 apis
    * [MRM-654] - Archetype for generation of Consumer plugins
    * [MRM-667] - Timeout implementation for Archiva
    * [MRM-678] - 404 errors on proxies should be cached
    * [MRM-737] - Don't list metadata files in the search results
    * [MRM-752] - Trim URL in Remote Repositories
    * [MRM-760] - set JSW to auto-restart if it crashes or hangs
    * [MRM-773] - Improve RSS feed generation
    * [MRM-781] - Removal of Archiva-Webdav implementation in favor of
    * [MRM-802] - Display the url for the repository group
    * [MRM-804] - When uploading artifacts to the repo, they should be added
to the index instantly
    * [MRM-822] - add org/jvnet/**, com/sun/** to the whitelist for the
default java.net repository
    * [MRM-829] - Replace Company POM feature with simple Appearence
    * [MRM-831] - When deploying artifacts to the repo, they should be added
to the index instantly
    * [MRM-857] - set a user agent for proxy HTTP requests
    * [MRM-859] - Use File.createTempFile() when downloading files from a
remote repository
    * [MRM-123] - add RSS view to repository manager
    * [MRM-216] - Upload (deploy) artifacts to a repository - via a web form
(not using wagon)
    * [MRM-694] - Virtual repositories or repository grouping
    * [MRM-730] - Index/Search by class, method or package name
    * [MRM-751] - Support database connection pooling
    * [MRM-774] - Support inclusion of pom file when deploying an artifact
via the web upload form
    * [MRM-864] - Searching within search results
    * [MRM-677] - Upgrade archiva to the latest redback (1.0.1)
    * [MRM-688] - Replace plexus-runtime with standalone jetty bundle
    * [MRM-708] - Migrate from Plexus Logging to Slf4J
    * [MRM-754] - Update the screenshots in the docs

The Apache Archiva team

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