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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <elecha...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Directory Server 1.5.4 released
Date Sat, 13 Sep 2008 20:25:08 GMT
The Apache Directory Server community is pleased to announce the release
of Apache Directory Server version 1.5.4. The release is available for
download at:



The Apache Directory Project provides directory solutions entirely
written in Java. These include a directory server, which has been
certified as LDAP v3 compliant by the Open Group

and Eclipse-based directory tools (Apache Directory Studio).

Apache Directory Server 1.5.4 is a bug fix release, fixing than 27 bugs
and adding 20 improvements.

For more information, see the Apache Directory Server website at:


Changes in this release
New Feature

    * [DIRSERVER-1176] - Add fetch operation chain to Cursor
    * [DIRSERVER-1177] - Add overloads to Cursor positioning methods
which take time limits
    * [DIRSERVER-1194] - Enable requirement for toggling confidentiality
in configuration
    * [DIRSERVER-1204] - Add new userClass to ACI system for permitting
access to subordinate entries of a User


    * [DIRSERVER-646] - Replacing an unknown attribute with no values
(deletion) causes an error
    * [DIRSERVER-851] - Check that new objectClasses do not have wrong
KIND combinations
    * [DIRSERVER-926] - Can not restart ADS because SO_REUSEADDR isn't used.
    * [DIRSERVER-956] - Aborting a client search does not stop the search
    * [DIRSERVER-1068] - SASL and admin password
    * [DIRSERVER-1085] - Modify.RENAME operation may not work well with
multiple attributes RDN
    * [DIRSERVER-1086] - Modrdn operation on an entry with child entries
kills the DIT
    * [DIRSERVER-1088] - Do not cache plain text passwords in credential
cache or in LdapPrincipal
    * [DIRSERVER-1096] - Modrdn operation with encoded newrdn creates
wrong RDN attribute
    * [DIRSERVER-1100] -

cannot decrypt the encryptiondata it generated.
    * [DIRSERVER-1104] - Mixing Attribute value types results in write
    * [DIRSERVER-1105] - No longer need to have username and password in
AbstractTestCase of core-unit
    * [DIRSERVER-1150] - No error thrown when removing a non existing
value of an attribute
    * [DIRSERVER-1153] - PersistenceSearchTest fails sometimes
    * [DIRSERVER-1154] - Declaration and instantiation of refService in
ServerLdapContext limits extensibility
    * [DIRSERVER-1162] - Moddn with mulit-valued RDN mangles the entry
    * [DIRSERVER-1167] - Use AtomicLong for sequence counter in MasterTable
    * [DIRSERVER-1184] - When searching for Operational Attribute, some
user attributes are returned
    * [DIRSERVER-1200] - DefaultPartitionNexus unable to use
non-JdbmPartition as systemPartition
    * [DIRSERVER-1213] - javax.naming.NamingException
    * [DIRSERVER-1216] - Changelog failure with international characters
due to use of AttributesImpl instead of ServerEntry
    * [DIRSERVER-1224] - Moving an INetOrgUser from one OU to Another fails
    * [DIRSERVER-1228] - ChangeLog events are serialized with the
    * [DIRSERVER-1234] - cn=schema is not returned if no ManageDsaIT
control is present in the request.
    * [DIRSERVER-1235] - sizeLimitExceeded even if the number of result
entries is equal to the size limit
    * [DIRSERVER-1239] - Error when adding an entry with a RDN missing
in the attributes
    * [DIRSERVER-1241] - Solaris package installs content in the wrong place


    * [DIRSERVER-445] - Let users can choose an ApacheDS instance by
specifying instance ID in a URL instead of Configuration object.
    * [DIRSERVER-577] - Loosen LdapProtocolProvider-ServerLdapContext
    * [DIRSERVER-747] - Creating new custom Authenticator requires it
being in the same package as LdapPrincipal
    * [DIRSERVER-817] - SimpleAuthenticator ehancements, including
support for one-way hash for admin password in server.xml
    * [DIRSERVER-900] - Create assemblies grouping core jars for convenience
    * [DIRSERVER-908] - Add substring matching rules for attribute type
within the meta-schema
    * [DIRSERVER-984] - Use xbean-spring to make configuration more
    * [DIRSERVER-1023] - configuration will be much clearer without
    * [DIRSERVER-1051] - Avoid a lookup in CollectiveAttributeService
    * [DIRSERVER-1072] - Removing partition configuration bean
containment hierarchy (<T>=Partition)
    * [DIRSERVER-1074] - Remove AuthenticatorConfiguration and move set
of Authenticators to AuthenticationService
    * [DIRSERVER-1110] - Scope annotation should really be called
CleanupLevel and we should allow cleanup at test level as well.
    * [DIRSERVER-1140] - LdapServer should be named LdapService to
prevent confusion
    * [DIRSERVER-1148] - Add the description of the return code when
getting an ErrorResponse.
    * [DIRSERVER-1195] - Add a message to the ProtocolError error if we
have some.
    * [DIRSERVER-1237] - Remove the need to create (or configure) a
partition context entry


    * [DIRSERVER-1022] - Determine if ReferralTest and ReferralITest in
server-unit are the same test
    * [DIRSERVER-1120] - an Introduction guide to ApacheDS for programmers
    * [DIRSERVER-1131] - Creation of a doubly-linked list with the
LinkedBinaryNodes of splay tree
    * [DIRSERVER-1142] - Add methods to find a node in AVLTree which is
greater/less than the given key
    * [DIRSERVER-1159] - After Cursor branch merge into bigbang rename
btree-base to core-xdbm
    * [DIRSERVER-1197] - Add Apache License headers to installer files
with their specific syntax for comments
    * [DIRSERVER-1205] - Remove Referral interceptor from core
    * [DIRSERVER-1206] - Move JNDI code & tests out of the core module
into a core-jndi module
    * [DIRSERVER-1215] - Rename NewXXXHandler to XXXHandler
    * [DIRSERVER-1249] - rc.d init script doesn't work for Mandriva
Linux : location of "id" binary


    * [DIRSERVER-1123] - test cases for JdbmNoDupsCursor


    * [DIRSERVER-557] - Create a partition factory?
    * [DIRSERVER-1073] - Remove IndexConfiguration and
JdbmStoreConfiguration from jdbm-store
    * [DIRSERVER-1075] - Remove indexedAttributes property from
    * [DIRSERVER-1077] - Remove PartitionConfiguration from
Configuration (<T>=Partition)
    * [DIRSERVER-1078] - Fix server-xml so it factors in these changes
to the configuration
    * [DIRSERVER-1079] - Add module under apachds to test that the
server.xml is up to date

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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