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From "Juergen Hoffmann" <hoffm...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCEMENT] Turbine 2.3.3 Released
Date Sat, 22 Nov 2008 21:17:58 GMT
Hi Community,

the Turbine Development Team is pleased to announce the turbine 2.3.3


Turbine is a servlet based framework that allows experienced Java developers

to quickly build secure web applications. Parts of Turbine can also be used 
independently of the web portion of Turbine as well. In other words, we
to make portions of Turbine easily available for use in other applications. 


Changes in this version include:

  New Features:

o Added getBooleans() and getBooleanObjects() to the ValueParser to provide
  "more orthogonal" interface. 
o Made ValueParser and BaseValueParser locale-aware. Note that the default 
  locale used is always the default value of the JVM which is different from

  the previous behaviour where the locale used was sometimes Locale.US (for 
  float, double and BigDecimal) and sometimes the JVM-default (for dates). 
o The init() method in LocalizationTool is no longer declared as final - you

  can now extend this class to provide alternative ways of initializing the 
o Default ServerData values can now be specified in 
o Added an extension of LDAPUser named ActiveDirectoryUser to simplify the 
  authentication against AD servers. Added some documentation with a 
  configuration example. 
o Extended Intake to allow validators based on comparisons between fields of

  the same group. Two example validators are provided, for date ranges and 
  for integer ranges. 
o Added JSON-RPC Service to support JavaScript to Java AJAX communications 
  using JSON-RPC-Java. For further details see JSON-RPC Service. 
o Added UI Service as a replacement for the UIManager pull tool (now 
  deprecated in favor of the backwards compatible UITool). For further 
  details see UI Service. 
o Extended HtmlPageAttributes to allow generic <link /> tags in the 
  HTML head section. 
o Added Thomas's variation on Siegfried's TurbineYaafiComponentService that 
  allows Fulcrum components to be used in Turbine 2.3 in a fulcrum-yaafi 
  container. Fixes TRB-27. Thanks to Thomas Vandahl. 
o Extended the LocalizationService to provide formatting facilities. 
o Extended Intake to care for localization and to allow user-defined field 
  types (type "custom"). The Validator interface has been extended so custom

  validators must be adjusted unless they extend DefaultValidator. 

  Fixed bugs:

o Minor correction to intake.dtd - added missing fieldClass attribute to 
  field element. 
o Fix a memory leak due to an invalid map key type. Fixes TRB-70. Thanks to 
  Susi Berrington. o Fixed a couple of NullPointerExceptions that can occur
when Intake is 
  validating multiValued fields. 
o Fixed a NullPointerExceptions that can occur when Intake is used to 
  validate a primitive field. Clarified the meaning of Field.isSet() in 
o Intake was not handling empty values correctly. Fixes TRB-9. Thanks to 
  Jürgen Hoffmann. 
o A FileItem in a ParameterParser added to TurbineURI or TemplateURI was 
  resulting in a NPE. Fixes TRB-8. Thanks to Gunther Olesch. 
o TurbineURI was mishandling the empty String. Fixes TRB-16. Thanks to
o Intake was not loading the correct Default Validators when the rules for a

  field are empty. Fixes TRB-14. Thanks to Jürgen Hoffmann. 


o Preparing for the Release of Turbine 2.3.3 
o VelocityHtmlEmail now throws EmailException rather than 
  VelocityEmailException. This has been done for compatibility with 
  commons-email-1.1, even though commons-email-1.0 is being used for now. 
o Update jar dependencies: javax.activation to 1.1.1 javax.mail to 1.4.1 
  commons-configuration to 1.5 commons-fileupload to 1.2.1 commons-io to 1.4

  commons-logging to 1.1.1 commons-lang to 2.4 commons-pool to 1.4 log4j to 
  1.2.15 servletapi to 2.4 
o Further simplify the value assignment in Intake fields. 
o Use the localize features of the parser to simplify the value assignment
  Intake fields. Made handling of empty values consistent over all number 
  field types. 
o Important change: The BaseValueParser now consistently returns null for
  get-methods that return an Object, if the parameter name does not exist. 
  This changes the behaviour of getBigDecimal which used to return 0 in this

o Initialize the locale of RunData, the ParameterParser and the CookieParser

  from the HttpServletRequest. Make RunData.setLocale propagate the locale 
  setting to the parsers. 
o Set the locale of the ParameterParser and the CookieParser from the
  locale of RunData. 
o Improved handling of null values for query parameter and path info values 
  in TurbineURI (avoids a NPE, logs warning message). 
o Update to latest release of Torque. 
o Update to latest release of Fulcrum Yaafi. 
o Eliminate cryptix dependency. The cryptix library contains strong 
  encryption algorithms causing problems using the software outside of the
  (ECCN). This is a partial backport from Fulcrum so the real work was done 
  by Siegfried Goeschl. 
o Make SecurityServices run with Torque 3.3. 
o Removed unnecessary locking in the XSLT service. Make relative includes 
  work again. 
o Update jar dependencies: commons-collections to 3.2 commons-configuration 
  to 1.4 commons-dbcp to 1.2.2 commons-digester to 1.8 commons-lang to 2.3 
  commons-pool to 1.3 log4j to 1.2.14 velocity to 1.5 
o Deprecated the DBSecurityService and its associated classes. It has been 
  replaced by the TorqueSecurityService. 
o Intake now handles the case where the mapToObject does not map to all 
  fields in the group. Fixes TRB-9. Thanks to Jürgen Hoffmann. 

  Removed features:

o Remove the ComponentService. This has been deprecated long ago. It has
  replaced by the different incarnations of AvalonComponentService. 
o Remove long deprecated classes. 


Issues, bugs, and feature requests for turbine-2
should be submitted to the following issue tracking system:


Have fun!
-The Turbine development team

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