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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <elecha...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache MINA 2.0.0-M4 released
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2008 11:01:23 GMT
The Apache MINA project team is proud to announce the new Milestone
of Apache MINA version 2.0.0-M4, a code freeze version. Next version
will be a Release Candidate.

Apache MINA is a network application framework which helps users
develop high performance and high scalability network applications
easily by providing an abstract, event-driven, asynchronous API over
various transports such as TCP/IP and UDP/IP vis Java NIO.

The Apache MINA project website includes resources such as
introductory presentation slides, tutorials, and examples to help you
learn MINA as soon as possible.

The changeLog is provided at the end of this mail

Download :
* http://mina.apache.org/downloads.html

Quick links:
* Homepage - http://mina.apache.org/
* FAQ - http://mina.apache.org/faq.html
* Testimonials - http://mina.apache.org/testimonials.html
* Documentation - http://mina.apache.org/documentation.html
* Performance - http://mina.apache.org/performance-test-reports.html

The Apache MINA project team is always open for your feedback.  Please
let us know what you think about MINA via our mailing list and support
forum: http://mina.apache.org/contact.html

Thank you !

Release Notes - MINA - Version 2.0.0-M4

    * [DIRMINA-597] - AbstractIoAcceptor.toString() blocks when invoked 
from IoServiceListener.serviceActivated()
    * [DIRMINA-626] - Compilation Error in 
    * [DIRMINA-633] - ProrocolCodecFilter does not swallow the complete 
received buffer


    * [DIRMINA-608] - Move stats out of the IoService API
    * [DIRMINA-614] - Make TextLineDecoder extensible
    * [DIRMINA-615] - Improved support for custom NioProcessors
    * [DIRMINA-620] - IoSession has superfluous close() methods
    * [DIRMINA-630] - CRLF constants for LineDelimiter

New Feature

    * [DIRMINA-415] - Proxy support
    * [DIRMINA-478] - GzipFilter
    * [DIRMINA-519] - BufferingFilter


    * [DIRMINA-623] - Failure of test 
org.apache.mina.proxy.NTLMTest.testType1Message on windows Vista

The Apache MINA PMC.

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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