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From Jeremy Thomerson <jrthomer...@apache.org>
Subject [announce] Wicket 1.4-rc4 released
Date Mon, 11 May 2009 18:13:49 GMT
The Apache Wicket team is proud to announce the availability of the
fourth release candidate for the newest version of Wicket - 1.4.  A
lot of bugs have been squashed and several improvements implemented.
If you are already using earlier versions of 1.4, it is recommended
you update to Wicket 1.4-rc4 at your earliest convenience.

Eager people click here to download the distribution, others can read further:


We thank you for your patience and support.

- The Wicket Team

Apache Wicket

Apache Wicket is a component oriented Java web application framework.
With proper mark-up/logic separation, a POJO data model, and a
refreshing lack of XML, Apache Wicket makes developing web-apps simple
and enjoyable again. Swap the boilerplate, complex debugging and
brittle code for powerful, reusable components written with plain Java
and HTML.

You can find out more about Apache Wicket on our website:


This release

This release is the fourth release candidate for the Wicket 1.4
product.  This release fixes several bugs and adds some minor
improvements.  You can find out about the changes at the bottom of
this announcement.

Migrating from 1.2

If you are coming from Wicket 1.3, you really want to read our
migration guide, found on the wiki:


Downloading the release:

You can download the release from the official Apache mirror system,
and you can find it through the following link:


For the Maven and Ivy fans out there: update your pom's to the following, and
everything will be downloaded automatically:


Substitute the artifact ID with the projects of your liking to get the
other projects.

Please note that we don't prescribe a Logging implementation for
SLF4J. You need to specify yourself which one you prefer. Read more
about SLF4J here:


Validating the release

The release has been signed by Jeremy Thomerson, your release manager
for today. The public key can be found in the KEYS file in the
download area.  Download the KEYS file only from the Apache website.


Instructions on how to validate the release can be found here:


Reporting bugs

In case you do encounter a bug, we would appreciate a report in our JIRA:


The distribution

In the distribution you will find a README. The README contains
instructions on how to build from source yourself. You also find a
CHANEGELOG-1.4 which contains a list of all things that have been
fixed, added and/or removed since the 1.4 branch was created.

Release Notes - Wicket - Version 1.4-RC4

** Bug
   * [WICKET-1960] - AutoCompleteTextField - gives a type mismatch
error on IE - version wicket-1.4-rc1
   * [WICKET-2241] - Guice integration doesn't honour optional bindings
   * [WICKET-2250] - IOptionRenderer getModel(Object value) should
change to getModel(T value)
   * [WICKET-2251] - LoadableDeatachableModel onDetach() invoked
after nulling the model

** New Feature
   * [WICKET-2255] - Simple changes for datepicker/datefield

Release Notes - Wicket - Version 1.4-RC3

** Bug
   * [WICKET-1673] - Toggling visibility on nested Borders breaks page markup
   * [WICKET-1861] - Inevitable UnknownSizeException with HTTPS
   * [WICKET-2000] - AjaxRequestTarget escapes ] to ]^
   * [WICKET-2005] - pb to access to this on event onchange on the
   * [WICKET-2015] - Empty File Upload field breaks validation of
other fields in WicketTester.
   * [WICKET-2022] - wicket fails on WebLogic 9.2 clustered
   * [WICKET-2024] - AutoComplete ShowListOnFocusGain not working
   * [WICKET-2049] - beforeRender not called for behaviour added to
   * [WICKET-2060] - Invalid javascript when
setStripJavascriptCommentsAndWhitespace is enabled
   * [WICKET-2061] - interceptContinuationURL with umlauts not encoded
   * [WICKET-2071] - Wicket-Examples Nested example fails with a NPE
   * [WICKET-2077] - SerializationChecker issue
   * [WICKET-2079] - Component Use Check always fails for visible
components inside an invisible border body
   * [WICKET-2083] - NPE when clearing DateTimeField
   * [WICKET-2086] - setOutputMarkupContainerClassName() ... and
wrong render mode in IE7
   * [WICKET-2087] - typo in SpringBeanLocator.java
   * [WICKET-2088] - ApacheLicenceHeaderTests fail after projects'
metadata created by Eclipse
   * [WICKET-2091] - Error feedback is hidden by lower level messages
   * [WICKET-2092] - SignInPanel IllegalArgumentException exception
   * [WICKET-2093] - SubmitLink.onSubmit() is not called for submit
links outside the form
   * [WICKET-2094] - Incorrect parameter name in
SpringWebApplicationFactory's javadocs
   * [WICKET-2095] - error in modal.js wrong use of typeof
   * [WICKET-2096] - MultiFileUploadField.js can't find file input
when serving pages as XHTML
   * [WICKET-2100] - DynamicImageResouce blocks loading of AjaxLazyLoadPanel
   * [WICKET-2102] - Localizer never caches resources when component
is not given
   * [WICKET-2103] - SignInPanel.onSignInSucceeded call the correct
method on IPageFactory
   * [WICKET-2104] - FormTester does not toggle selected values when
using selectMultiple
   * [WICKET-2105] - Stripping comments causes StackOverflowError in
   * [WICKET-2107] - Misplaced IllegalStateExceptions when accessing
stateful URL with different session
   * [WICKET-2109] - IResourceStream.close is not called by
   * [WICKET-2114] - WicketTester fails to execute AjaxBehavior
(onclick) due to old requestCycle (this bug is caused by bugfix
   * [WICKET-2124] - FormTester.setValue should throw excecption if
the component does not exist
   * [WICKET-2130] - Pages stored in Session.touchedPages aren't
detached when part of ModalWindow
   * [WICKET-2134] - Conversion Exception Thrown for Submitting A
Page with Multiple Forms within A Border
   * [WICKET-2135] - PackagedTextTemplate uses default
ResourceStreamLocator first
   * [WICKET-2140] - FormComponentPanel should not add a name attribute
   * [WICKET-2142] - Getting live sessions from RequestLogger results in NPE
   * [WICKET-2147] - Missing final semicolon in onclick JS for Link
   * [WICKET-2148] - AttributeModifier doesn't escape markup in model strings
   * [WICKET-2151] - WicketSessionFilter doesn't takes into account
   * [WICKET-2156] - StringResourceModel's Localizer cannot be overwritten
   * [WICKET-2159] - Resource key for validation message lookup is
not the same as the component name.
   * [WICKET-2161] - DropDownChoice NO_SELECTION_VALUE static field is final
   * [WICKET-2163] - Make Palette's "Choices" Model More Generics Friendly
   * [WICKET-2166] - Invalid nested form tag name when the form is
not visible and setoutputmarkupplaceholdertag(true) has been called
   * [WICKET-2167] - UrlValidator property is duplicated in
   * [WICKET-2171] - Base64UrlSafe claims to be RFC 3548 compliant, but isn't
   * [WICKET-2172] - PageParameters construced with keyValuePairs
does not handle array values
   * [WICKET-2173] - quickstart archetype adds invalid
maven-compiler-plugin configuration
   * [WICKET-2174] - Form#getMaxSize() -> no custom format
   * [WICKET-2175] - onBeforeRender() set visibility of
NavigationToolbar prevents it from showing again
   * [WICKET-2179] - JavascriptResourceReference /
CompressedResourceReference is "broken"
   * [WICKET-2180] - WicketSessionFilter assumes that the
WicketFilter has already been inited
   * [WICKET-2181] - Bounds error in PageableListView#getCurrentPage()
   * [WICKET-2183] - Fix API documentation for DataTable
   * [WICKET-2185] - WicketServlet fallback() code should ignore
query string params when resolving resources.
   * [WICKET-2189] - Generics for AjaxFallbackDefaultDataTable
   * [WICKET-2191] - WebApplication is not thread-safe
   * [WICKET-2195] - DefaultObjectStreamFactory needs Application
during deserialization
   * [WICKET-2196] - still doesn't seem to work -
AjaxEditableChoiceLabel ignores ChoiceRenderer in newLabel(...)
   * [WICKET-2197] - BaseWicketTester should not hardcode UTF-8 in
   * [WICKET-2199] -
IStringResourceLoader loader) does not conform to its JavaDoc
   * [WICKET-2200] - Unexpected RuntimeException:
RestartResponseException in onBeforeRender of cached page
   * [WICKET-2202] - Form gets submitted using AjaxSubmitBehavior
when sub-form has error's
   * [WICKET-2203] - WicketTester clickLink on submitLink fails with
conversion error
   * [WICKET-2210] - AjaxButton and <?>
   * [WICKET-2211] - MetaPattern.PERCENT matches an empty string
   * [WICKET-2215] - WebClientInfo does not set browerMajorVersion for IE8
   * [WICKET-2218] - DatePicker pick up wrong word when we use
LOCALE_WEEKDAYS with 1char in chinese.
   * [WICKET-2220] - YUI library used by Wicket Extensions - DateTime
isn't IE8 compatible
   * [WICKET-2223] - DiskPageStore::convertToPage cleanup
   * [WICKET-2231] - DatePicker doesn't work when
CryptedUrlWebRequestCodingStrategy is in effect
   * [WICKET-2233] -
getPageSettings().setAutomaticMultiWindowSupport(true); is said to be
enabled by default in its javadoc but isn't
   * [WICKET-2234] - typo in pom.xml
   * [WICKET-2236] - Palette problem in IE7 Problem
   * [WICKET-2237] - DateTimeField throws NPE if date is cleared
   * [WICKET-2239] - AbstractColumn::isSortable() doesn't know about
overrided getSortProperty()
   * [WICKET-2241] - Guice integration doesn't honour optional bindings
   * [WICKET-2242] - java.sql.Timestamp converter bug

** Improvement
   * [WICKET-1571] - Add a simple boolean
datepicker.contributeDependencies() that a user can then override and
return false.
   * [WICKET-2029] - AutoComplete - KEY_TAB should work like KEY_ENTER
   * [WICKET-2036] - Map getParameterMap() returns Map (no generics).
   * [WICKET-2072] - Allow for maps in the widgetProperties
   * [WICKET-2074] - Should the QuickStart archetype generated
HomePage.html inlude the Wicket namespace in the html tag?
   * [WICKET-2076] - Need a way to programmaticaly configure the
location of the temp directory for file uploads and the size of the
chunk buffer
   * [WICKET-2082] - Conditional rendering for open-close tags of <head> tag.
   * [WICKET-2085] - DateTimeField.HoursValidator relies on
deprecated NumberValidator
   * [WICKET-2090] - Need reliable hook for storing/restoring data
to/from page metadata that is tes compatbile
   * [WICKET-2101] - PageLink is inherently non extendable
   * [WICKET-2113] - Fix Compenent#setModelObject API documentation
(or fix/remove call to checkHierarchyChange?)
   * [WICKET-2117] - Polish translations for wicket-extensions properties
   * [WICKET-2118] - Application adds a
ComponentInstantiationListener that I don't want and can't remove
   * [WICKET-2137] - Synchronize generics between ListView and DropDownChoice
   * [WICKET-2139] - RequestLogger change - include Page Parameters
for BookmarkablePages
   * [WICKET-2144] - Russian messages for file uploads
   * [WICKET-2153] - TabbedPanel accepts only ITab(s)
   * [WICKET-2160] - application_nl.properties is outdated
   * [WICKET-2165] - Improve the API's Consistency and Flexibility
With Respect to Generics and Collections
   * [WICKET-2168] - TableTree.html is not XHTML valid
   * [WICKET-2169] - Left-align text in Wicket Ajax Debug Window
   * [WICKET-2184] - Check component id against invalid chars ':' and empty IDs
   * [WICKET-2186] - PatternValidator could allow reverse matches
   * [WICKET-2187] - less dynamic or missing toString( ) methods in
Component class
   * [WICKET-2205] - typo in ApplicationContextMock.putBean()
exception message: "alredy"
   * [WICKET-2209] - IFormValidator and <?>
   * [WICKET-2212] - Resource lookup/caching in OSGI environment
spams errors for gone resources
   * [WICKET-2216] - DatePicker should not need to be extended to set
a property
   * [WICKET-2217] - Add MD5 checksum to FileUpload component for
uploaded files
   * [WICKET-2219] - More detailed error messages in wicket-ajax.js
   * [WICKET-2230] - Nested directory support for ZipResourceStream

** New Feature
   * [WICKET-2089] - Perform authorization for links based on the
page annotations they refer to.
   * [WICKET-2170] - @StatelessComponent contribution by Marat Radchenko
   * [WICKET-2229] - Introduce Http/Https switcing support into core

** Wish
   * [WICKET-2073] - mvn deploy -DaltDeploymentRepository=... fails
   * [WICKET-2176] - i18n: German Translation of MultiFileUploadField
   * [WICKET-2222] - MixedParamUrlCodingStrategy constructor should be variadic

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