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From Tim Ellison <telli...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Harmony 5.0M10 available
Date Sat, 13 Jun 2009 21:08:43 GMT
The Apache Harmony development team are pleased to announce the
immediate availability of Apache Harmony 5.0M10.

Apache Harmony is the Java runtime project of the Apache Software

Apache Harmony 5.0M10 is the latest stable build containing numerous bug
fixes, and enhancements to documentation, performance and functionality.
 A full list of issues fixed in this milestone is shown below.

Source code, binary builds, and Debian packages are available from the
project download site:


Apache Harmony welcomes your help. For more information on how to report
problems, successes, and to get involved in Apache Harmony visit the
project website at http://harmony.apache.org

The Apache Harmony Team


Release Notes - Harmony - Version 5.0M10

** Sub-task
    * [HARMONY-6125] - [classlib][luni] - remove duplicated security
check in File.list
    * [HARMONY-6186] - [classlib][luni] - ioh_convertToPlatform is not
necessary to be invoked in hyfile.c

** Bug
    * [HARMONY-879] - [classlib][text] DecimalFormat.setMultiplier(-1)
throws IllegalArgumentException while RI set negative value
    * [HARMONY-2141] - [drlvm][jit][opt] ABCD removes low bound check if
certain constraint exists before array access with a negative index
    * [HARMONY-2144] - [drlvm][jit][opt] ABCD causes unexpected
NullPointerException instead of ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
    * [HARMONY-6007] - [drlvm][jit][abcd] classic abcd pass fixes
    * [HARMONY-6009] - [classlib][beans] NPE launching swingset2 example
    * [HARMONY-6041] - [classlib][portlib] incorrect parse path contains
special unicode charactor
    * [HARMONY-6074] - [classlib][luni] JAR referenced in a JAR's
manifest 'Class-Path' that contains 'file' scheme URIs aren't loaded
    * [HARMONY-6082] - [classlib][prefs] WindowsPreferences class fails
to allow for Windows encoding of values
    * [HARMONY-6085] - [eut][classlib][nio] - modKey in SelectorImpl
should set the new index key to the changed selectionkey
    * [HARMONY-6086] - [luni] java.util.Scanner nextLine and hasNextLine
testcase would fail
    * [HARMONY-6087] - [luni] java.util.Scanner behaves differently with
RI while parsing specific pattern
    * [HARMONY-6090] - [classlib][luni] - the SO_REUSEADDR's default
value of ServerSocket should be true on Linux
    * [HARMONY-6092] - [classlib][luni] - SocketInputStream should check
EOF before reading
    * [HARMONY-6093] - [classlib][luni] Remove double security check in
    * [HARMONY-6100] - [classlib][jndi] CompositeName.toString() should
not escape "'"
    * [HARMONY-6104] - [dvrlm][testing][vmtt] VMTT renders
multianewarray incorrectly
    * [HARMONY-6108] - [classlib] [prefs] Preferences.nodeExists(null)
should throw NPE when Preferences node has been removed
    * [HARMONY-6110] - [classlib] [luni] BufferedReader.reset() does not
throw IOException after reading the entire stream, differs from RI
    * [HARMONY-6113] - [classlib][security] value of policy.url is
incorrect in java.security file
    * [HARMONY-6119] -
    * [HARMONY-6122] - [classlib][luni]
java.util.Collections.swap(List<?list, int i, int j) should throw
IndexOutOfBoundsException when i equals to j and is also out of boundary
    * [HARMONY-6133] - [classlib][luni]
java.io.BufferedInputStream.skip(0) shouldn't throw IOException
    * [HARMONY-6134] - [classlib][luni]
java.io.BufferedInputStream.reset() throws IOException after skipping
the marked position
    * [HARMONY-6136] - [classlib][luni] java.net.URLClassLoader never
finds resources existing in the jars specified from META-INF/INDEX.LIST
    * [HARMONY-6141] - [classlib][luni] java.util.ArrayList.addAll(int
index, Collection<? extends Ec) fails to add itself
    * [HARMONY-6143] - [classlib][beans]
null) should throw NullPointerException
    * [HARMONY-6144] - [classlib][sql] java.sql.Timestamp.valueOf(String
s) should throw java.lang.IllegalArgumentException if the given string
isn't in yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.fffffffff format
    * [HARMONY-6145] - [classlib][luni]
java.lang.LinkedList.addAll(Collection<? extends Ecollection) runs into
endless loop
    * [HARMONY-6147] - [classlib][luni]
java.util.Scanner.test_nextLine()  failed on a regression testcase
    * [HARMONY-6148] - [classlib][lang-management]
java.lang.management.MemoryNotificationInfo.from(CompositeData cd)
should return null if the argument is null
    * [HARMONY-6149] - [classlib][lang-management]
java.lang.management.MemoryNotificationInfo.from(CompositeData cd)
should throw IllegalArgumentException if cd doesn't represent a
MemoryNotificationInfo object
    * [HARMONY-6152] - [classlib][luni]
WriterTest.test_writeLjava_lang_String Thread.holdsLock works now
    * [HARMONY-6153] - [classlib][luni]
TimeZoneTest.test_getDisplayNameZILjava_util_Locale would fail against
ICU 4.0
    * [HARMONY-6154] - [classlib][luni] LocaleTest.test_getISO3Language
would fail against ICU 4.0
    * [HARMONY-6155] - NOTICE file does not have required contents
    * [HARMONY-6159] - [classlib][beans] java.beans.Statement.execute()
throws java.lang.IllegalAccessException while RI doesn't
    * [HARMONY-6160] - [classlib][beans]
java.beans.XMLEncoder.writeObject(Object o) should not change the inner
content of the given object
    * [HARMONY-6162] - [classlib][luni][java6]
java.util.Properties#load(java.io.InputStream) should throw
IllegalArgumentException if the given InputStream contains an Invalid
Unicode sequence
    * [HARMONY-6163] - [classlib][luni] Move FormatterTest out of
exclude list
    * [HARMONY-6166] - [classlib][prefs] StringTokenizer is discouraged
in AbstractPreferences
    * [HARMONY-6177] - [classlib][beans]
java.beans.PropertyDescriptor(String propertyName, Class<?beanClass,
String getterName, String setterName) sets the wrong write method
    * [HARMONY-6181] - [classlib][text]
SimpleDateFormatTest.test_set2DigitYearStartLjava_util_Date would fail
    * [HARMONY-6188] - [classlib][text] Fix the failure for
    * [HARMONY-6193] - Crypto notice missing from README file(s)
    * [HARMONY-6203] - [classlib][luni] java.util.Hashtable.remove(.)
throws StackOverflowError while RI doesn't
    * [HARMONY-6204] - [classlib][luni]
java.util.IdentityHashMap.<init>(BigNumber) throws a
NegativeArraySizeException while RI throws OutOfMemoryError
    * [HARMONY-6205] - [classlib][luni]
java.util.IdentityHashMap.clone() should return a shallow copy of this
identity hash map
    * [HARMONY-6209] - [classlib][nio]
java.nio.CharBuffer.read(CharBuffer target) throws an
IllegalArgumentException while RI doesn't in a special scenario
    * [HARMONY-6212] - [classlib][luni] StringBuilder behavior affects
the string got by the toString

** Improvement
    * [HARMONY-6045] - [classlib] [luni] Optimize
java.lang.String.toUpperCase(), String.toLowerCase() and String sharing
for more performance gains
    * [HARMONY-6096] - [classlib][icu]  upgrade icu4j 3.8 to icu4j 4.0
    * [HARMONY-6120] - [classlib][luni] - use Jetty as test http server
    * [HARMONY-6126] - [classlib][luni] - remove unnecessary code in
    * [HARMONY-6157] - Javadocs for java.util.regex.*
    * [HARMONY-6161] - Javadocs for java.math.*
    * [HARMONY-6164] - Javadocs for luni-kernel
    * [HARMONY-6168] - Javadocs for javax.crypto.*
    * [HARMONY-6169] - Javadocs for java.lang.annotation.*
    * [HARMONY-6170] - Upgrade ECJ to 3.4.2
    * [HARMONY-6173] - Javadocs for java.util.jar.* and java.util.zip.*
    * [HARMONY-6174] - Javadocs for javax.security.auth.*
    * [HARMONY-6175] - Javadocs for java.util.concurrent.*
    * [HARMONY-6176] - Javadocs for java.util.logging.*
    * [HARMONY-6178] - Javadocs for java.nio.*
    * [HARMONY-6182] - Javadocs for java.nio.charsest.*
    * [HARMONY-6183] - Javadocs for java.util.prefs.*
    * [HARMONY-6185] - Javadocs for java.security.* and
    * [HARMONY-6189] - Javadocs for java.text.*
    * [HARMONY-6190] - Javadocs for javax.net.*
    * [HARMONY-6191] - Javadocs for java.sql.* and javax.sql.*
    * [HARMONY-6192] - Javadocs from java.io.*
    * [HARMONY-6194] - Javadocs for java.lang.*
    * [HARMONY-6195] - [classlib][text] - improve performance for
    * [HARMONY-6196] - Javadocs for java.net.*
    * [HARMONY-6199] - [classlib][text] Superficial changes to
    * [HARMONY-6201] - Javadocs for java.util.*
    * [HARMONY-6208] - Partial implementation of extractJar method for
Jar tool

** Test
    * [HARMONY-6107] - [classlib] [prefs] Refactor code in
AbstractPreferences, FilePreferencesImpl, RegistryPreferencesImpl and
some test cases.
    * [HARMONY-6109] - [classlib] [luni] Add some test case to
    * [HARMONY-6135] - [classlib][luni] Add new testcases on getChannel
method of FileInputStream and FileOutputStream
    * [HARMONY-6140] - [classlib][luni] Fix potential failures in
PipedInputStreamTest and PipedWriterTest
    * [HARMONY-6150] - [classlib][luni] Move ScannerTest out of the
exclude list
    * [HARMONY-6151] - [classlib][luni] Move URLClassLoaderTest out of
the exclude.common list
    * [HARMONY-6158] - [classlib][luni] Refactor and add some testcases
to java.io.BufferedOutputStream class
    * [HARMONY-6165] - [classlib][luni] Refactor and add some test case
to java.util.Properties class
    * [HARMONY-6172] - [classlib][text] Move NumberFormatTest out of
exclude list

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