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From Martijn Dashorst <dasho...@apache.org>
Subject Apache Wicket 1.4 takes type safety to the next level
Date Thu, 30 Jul 2009 10:54:29 GMT
The Apache Wicket project is proud to announce the release of Apache
Wicket 1.4. Apache Wicket is an open source, component oriented Java
web application framework. With overwhelming support from the user
community, this release marks a departure from the past where we leave
Java 1.4 behind and we require Java 5 as the minimum JDK version. By
moving to Java 5 as the required minimum platform, we were able to
utilize Java 5 idioms and increase the type safety of our APIs. Using
Java generics you can now write typesafe web applications and create
typesafe, self documenting, reusable custom components.

The full announcement for this release can be found here:

Download Apache Wicket 1.4

You can download the release here:

Or use this in your Maven pom’s to upgrade to the new version:


You will need to upgrade all modules (i.e. wicket, wicket-extensions)
to their 1.4 counterparts. It is not possible to mix Wicket 1.3
libraries with 1.4 libraries due to API changes.

Most notable changes

>From all the changes that went into this release, the following are
the most important ones:

 * Generified IModel interface and implementations increases type
safety in your Wicket applications
 * Component#getModel() and Component#setModel() have been renamed to
getDefaultModel() and setDefaultModel() to better support generified
 * The Spring modules have been merged (wicket-spring-annot is now
obsolete, all you need is wicket-spring)
 * Many API’s have been altered to better work with Java 5’s idioms
 * Wicket jars are now packaged with metadata that makes them OSGI bundles

Apart from these changes, the release is mostly compatible with Wicket
1.3 and upgrading shouldn’t take too long. Early adopters report about
a days work to upgrade medium to large applications to Wicket 1.4.
Read the migration guide to learn more about the changes in our APIs.
To learn more about all the improvements and new features that went
into this release, check the solved issue list in our JIRA instance.

If you want to learn more about this release, please refer to the full
release announcement:

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