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From Rainer Döbele <doeb...@apache.org>
Subject [ANN] Apache Empire-db 2.0.5 released
Date Mon, 28 Sep 2009 07:21:58 GMT
The Empire-db team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Empire-db
version 2.0.5.

Apache Empire-db is a lightweight data access and persistence component for
relational databases based on JDBC. 

The most important improvement over our previous 2.0.4 release is the shift
to Maven project management.
Hence Empire-db is now available from the Maven repository using the
following group and artifact ids:
groupId:	org.apache.empire-db
artifacts:	empire-db, empire-db-struts2
version:	2.0.5-incubating

Further improvements include:
- New database handlers for Apache Derby, H2, PostgreSQL
- New Examples showing WebService integration using Apache CXF
- Struts2 extensions upgraded to work with Struts 2.1.6.

To download Apache Empire-db 2.0.5. please visit our download page on:

The following list provides a complete list of issues resolved in this

The issues are categorized as follows:
[{C=Core}|{S=Struts Extensions}|{E=Examples}|{O=Other}
/{N=New Feature}|{B=Bug fix}|{I=Improvement}]

Issues resolved:
EMPIREDB-49 - [C/B]: The generation of table, view and query aliases now
uses thread-safe counters  
EMPIREDB-46 - [C/B]: datetime-phrase issue in DBDatabaseDriverDerby
EMPIREDB-45 - [S/I]: Update struts extentions to accomodate latest struts
EMPIREDB-44 - [C/B]: error using apache derby and CLOB datatype  
EMPIREDB-42 - [C/I]: Extend DBReader to provide query results in a hash set

EMPIREDB-41 - [C/I]: Deal with databases differences regarding SQL reverse
EMPIREDB-40 - [C/B]: Postgresql cast problem 
EMPIREDB-37 - [C/N]: PostgreSQL "BLOB" type not exist but is possible to
create a "bytea" column 
EMPIREDB-36 - [E/N]: New WebServices integration example using Apache CXF 
EMPIREDB-34 - [C/I]: Add support for stmt.executeUpdate with
Statement.RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS instead of getPostInsertAutoIncValue() 
EMPIREDB-33 - [S/B]: BeanRecordProxy isFieldReadOnly wrong for new records 
EMPIREDB-32 - [C/N]: Unit tests 
EMPIREDB-31 - [E/B]: Advanced sample throws SQLException (wrong db user) 
EMPIREDB-30 - [C/N]: Support for PostgeSQL 
EMPIREDB-29 - [O/N]: Switch to Maven project management 
EMPIREDB-28 - [E/B]: SampleConfig in the demo application has invalid user 
EMPIREDB-27 - [C/B]: HSQLDB driver doesn't support conversion of value to
EMPIREDB-26 - [S/I]: Extend HTMLTagDictionary to allow default cssClass for
all input types 
EMPIREDB-25 - [C/I]: Implement getAttribute and setAttribute on BeanProperty
EMPIREDB-24 - [S/I]: Allow textarea to handle keypress and keyup events in
order to check the maximum length of input 
EMPIREDB-23 - [C/B]: Maximum size is not passed to error message handler for
DBErrors.FieldValueTooLong in DBTableColumn::checkValue 
EMPIREDB-22 - [C/B]: deleteReferenceRecords() does not sort the depending
records by id 
EMPIREDB-21 - [S/I]: Allow empty record item parameter: The function
getRecordKeyFromString should return null if the item string consists of the
new item flag only. 
EMPIREDB-20 - [C/B]: Convert to char doesn't work for hsqldb 
EMPIREDB-19 - [S/B]: The form tag's "target" attribute is not rendered in
HTML code 
EMPIREDB-18 - [C/B]: DBRecord.setModified(column, isModified) doesn't set
the record state back from modified to valid 
EMPIREDB-17 - [S/B]: Checked attribute does not work on radio button tag. 
EMPIREDB-16 - [S/I]: Tag library definition does not allow java expressions
for the cssClass attribute 
EMPIREDB-15 - [C/B]: Record fields are not cleared properly by createRecord.

EMPIREDB-14 - [S/I]: Allow javascript code on anchors

For further information about issues see

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