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From Guillaume Nodet <gno...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Felix FileInstall 2.0.0
Date Mon, 14 Sep 2009 15:01:10 GMT
The Felix team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Felix
FileInstall version 2.0.0

File Install is a directory based OSGi management agent. It uses a
directory in the file system to install and start a bundle when it is
first placed there. It updates the bundle when you update the bundle
file in the directory and, when the file is deleted, it will stop and
uninstall the bundle.


This release is available from
http://felix.apache.org/site/downloads.cgi and Maven:


Release Notes:

** Bug
    * [FELIX-938] - FileInstall starts a stopped bundles even if it is
stopped transiently by user
    * [FELIX-1269] - MalformedURLException for bundle locations
installed by FileInstall
    * [FELIX-1377] - fileinstall tries to process files which are not
fully copied yet
    * [FELIX-1382] - FileInstall attempts to uninstall "System Bundle"
    * [FELIX-1481] - When performing variable substitution,
fileinstall throws an exception if there is a start or stop delimiter
without the other one
    * [FELIX-1540] - [FileInstall] When removing/re-adding a bundle,
all the dependent bundles don't start anymore

** Improvement
    * [FELIX-1301] - Limit FileInstall configuration information to
one line in the output
    * [FELIX-1387] - FileInstall unnenessarily computes length of files
    * [FELIX-1475] - Add a file filter for a given watched directory
    * [FELIX-1476] - Allow system property substitution while loading
configurations from files
    * [FELIX-1553] - fileinstall bundle should have an optional import
on org.osgi.service.log instead of exporting it
    * [FELIX-1554] - fileinstall should not export
org.apache.felix.fileinstall and org.apache.felix.fileinstall.utils

** New Feature
    * [FELIX-922] - File Install bundle should be extensible to
support new artifact type
    * [FELIX-1483] - Fileinstall should support exploded artifacts


-The Felix team

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