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From Felix Meschberger <fmesc...@apache.org>
Subject [ANN] Apache Felix Web Console version 2.0.0 Released
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2009 12:54:01 GMT
The Felix team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Felix
Web Console version 2.0.0.

The Apache Felix Web Console is a Web Based Management Console for OSGi
Frameworks. See http://felix.apache.org/apache-felix-web-console.html
for more information on the Apache Felix Web Console.

The major theme of this release is support for branding (FELIX-1015).
Another important aspect is that plugins do not need to extend from
AbstractWebConsolePlugin anymore to have the common header and footer
rendered (FELIX-1013).

This release is available from
http://felix.apache.org/site/downloads.cgi and Maven:


Release Notes:

** Bug
    * [FELIX-1160] - WebConsole Manifest.MF should specify required
                     version for Servlet API (2.4)
    * [FELIX-1164] - Updating a configuration containing a property
                     configured with unbound array size
    * [FELIX-1224] - Component display depends on
                     ManagedService[Factory] instances to be registered
                     for components
    * [FELIX-1230] - Configuration Page depends on
                     ManagedService[Factory] instances to be registered
                     for components
    * [FELIX-1270] - Displaying the bundle detail view resolves a bundle
    * [FELIX-1275] - On the Bundles page, when bundle details are
                     displayed inline, the links to imported and
                     importing bundles are invalid.
    * [FELIX-1389] - Main div is not closed
    * [FELIX-1415] - "Reload" button in webconsole bundles list doesn't
    * [FELIX-1460] - Can't view installed but unresolved bundle details
    * [FELIX-1622] - NullPointerException
    * [FELIX-1623] - Configuration status tabs not correctly rendered in
                     FireFox 3.5
    * [FELIX-1630] - Make WebConsole more independent
    * [FELIX-1632] - Remove reference to KXml from NOTICE and LICENSE
                     and update OSGi copyright years
    * [FELIX-1636] - Html footer and header are always added to the
                     response for a servlet plugin

** Improvement
    * [FELIX-1171] - Enhance Configuration Status Page
    * [FELIX-1191] - Add logging to OBR support plugin
    * [FELIX-1215] - Provide hyperlinks when referring to bundles
    * [FELIX-1217] - Move install/update to separate page
    * [FELIX-1221] - Display the alias ID created by Karaf Features when
                     showing service details
    * [FELIX-1282] - Cleanup bundle: do not export SCR API, only embedd
                     header parser
    * [FELIX-1283] - Order page titles in top navigation ignoring case
    * [FELIX-1569] - Remove deprecated Render interface
    * [FELIX-1637] - Support additional CSS references provided by

** New Feature
    * [FELIX-1644] - Reintroduce button to update a single bundle
    * [FELIX-1013] - Improve console extensibility
    * [FELIX-1607] - Enhance the Web Console Event Plugin
    * [FELIX-1014] - Hardcoded list of webconsole plugins in OSGiManager
    * [FELIX-1015] - Hardcoded HTML Header/Footer in
    * [FELIX-1043] - Support WebConsole plugins without requiring
                     extending the AbstractWebConsolePlugin
    * [FELIX-1211] - How to provide resources like CSS or JavaScript
                     files for plugins
    * [FELIX-1281] - Provide official constants of web console request
    * [FELIX-1599] - Validate TabWorld license


-The Felix team

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