Apache Buildr is a build system for Java-based applications, including support
for Scala, Groovy and a growing number of JVM languages and tools. We wanted
something that's simple and intuitive to use, so we only need to tell it what
to do, and it takes care of the rest. But also something we can easily extend
for those one-off tasks, with a language that's a joy to use.

New in Buildr 1.3.5:
* Added: Interactive shell (REPL) support
* Added: BeanShell as default shell for java projects, bsh is small and it's
syntax provides the closest to an interpreted java. The BeanShell
console includes a graphical class browser. Shell is named :bsh
* Added: Mandriva (urpmi) installation support (with help from Franck Villaume).
* Added: BUILDR-56 Download Scala artifacts if not available locally
* Added: BUILDR-163 cobertura:check (Marko Sibakov, Daniel Spiewak).
* Added: BUILDR-295 Eclipse task: make 'M2_REPO' repository variable configurable
* Added: BUILDR-300 Make Eclipse task more configurable (Antoine Toulme, Alex Boisvert)
* Change: Upgraded to rubyforge-1.0.5 and net-ssh 2.0.15
* Change: Monkey-Patched FileUtils::sh on JRuby to use POSIX `system`
* Change: Updated to Rake 0.8.7, RSpec 1.2.8 and JRuby-openssl 0.5.2.
* Change: Updated to easyb 0.9 (Joel Muzzerall)
* Change: Updated to TestNG 5.10
* Change: Updated to JRuby 1.3.1
* Fixed: BUILDR-23 Support for setting file mode when packaging (Ittay Dror).
* Fixed: BUILDR-278 tasks/*.rake files are loaded after the buildfile (Rhett Sutphin)
* Fixed: BUILDR-282 release goal should not strip leading '0' digits from version numbers.
* Fixed: BUILDR-289 Improved error message when JAVA_HOME points to an invalid JRE/JDK installation
* Fixed: BUILDR-290 Dependencies cannot be downloaded over SSL.
* Fixed: BUILDR-291 Local tasks do not support arguments (Ittay Dror).
* Fixed: BUILDR-292 Workaround for JRUBY-3381 on FileUtils.mv
* Fixed: BUILDR-301 TestNG doesn't report failure if more than one test fails
* Fixed: BUILDR-307 Failures are not reported correctly for ScalaTest (Jeremie Lenfant-Engelmann)
* Fixed: BUILDR-313 Prevent release with uncommitted_files on Git 1.4.3+ (Alexis Midon)
* Fixed: BUILDR-315 Fix Eclipse .classpath for local libraries (Mat Schaffer)
* Fixed: BUILDR-304 Referencing an existing package task using the package
method fails if the package has a custom filename (Rhett Sutphin)
* Fixed: BUILDR-322 When specifying files (instead of directories) as sources for compile task,
Buildr uses target directory timestamp only (not compiled output timestamp)
* Fixed: BUILDR-324: Regression - baseDir system property is not set when executing tests [Alexis Midon]
* Fixed: BUILDR-325: Overriding package spec with classifer doesn't work (Antoine Toulme)