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From Andreas Veithen <veit...@apache.org>
Subject [ANN] Axis2 1.5.3 released
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2010 21:29:52 GMT
The Apache Axis2 team is pleased to announce the general availability
of the Axis2 1.5.3 release.

Apache Axis2 is a complete re-design and re-write of the widely used
Apache Axis engine and is a more efficient, more scalable, more
modular and more XML-oriented Web services framework. It is carefully
designed to support the easy addition of plug-in "modules" that extend
its functionality for features such as security and reliability.

1.5.3 is a maintenance release that contains the following improvements:

* Improved support for SSL when using the servlet transport: Axis2 can
now be configured so that generated WSDLs contain https endpoints
* Improved compatibility with Rampart (AXIS2-3213 and AXIS2-4870) and
Sandesha2 (potential HTTP connection pool starvation).
* Axiom has been upgraded to 1.2.10. This version contains performance
improvements relevant for Rampart.
* Application (business) faults are no longer logged at level ERROR
* Improved conformance to the SAAJ specifications. The 1.5.3 release
contains a set of fixes and improvements for the SAAJ implementation
developed on the trunk and not included in previous releases from the
1.5 branch.
* Axis2 now relies exclusively on dependencies available from the
Maven central repository, and no other Maven repositories are
required. This in particular fixes a build problem that appeared after
the 1.5.2 release.
* The Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA plugins are again available for
download via the Axis2 Web site (previous 1.5.x versions could only be
downloaded from the Maven repository).

The complete list of JIRA issues fixed in this maintenance release can
be found here:


The new version is available for download at the following location:


Please report any issues via JIRA: http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/AXIS2.

As always, we welcome any and all feedback at:

java-dev@axis.apache.org - for developer-related questions/concerns
java-user@axis.apache.org - for general questions, usage, etc.

Thanks for your interest in Apache Axis2!

-- The Apache Axis2 team

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