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From "CUSSA FRANCIS.F." <cussafranci...@hotmail.com>
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2011 05:09:30 GMT

I believe this e-mail will find you in good health.My name is Mr.  
Cussa Francis F., a top-management staff of a prominent bank in Europe  
here(name withheld for security reasons) and  accounts officer.

I want you to assist me in executing a deal at our bank branch.The  
deal is about  unclaimed  funds in the bank's vault for several years  
now.The sum involved is over Eighteen Million Pounds Sterling,  
deposited by our customer who died in an aircrash some years  
back.Several efforts by the relevant unit of our bank to reach his  
relatives via his country's embassy have proven  
abortive.Interestingly, during our  last routined annual auditing  
excercise on Dormant Accounts, I discovered that no mention was made  
of anybody as next of kin in all the documents at the time of the  
account opening.The role I want you to play is to pose as the next of  
kin and have the amount processed and transferred to your account in  
your country or any foreign bank account of yours outside the UK. The  
reason I want to move this fund is because soon it will be remitted to  
the Sovereign or British Government Account, where corrupt government  
officials will have a field day on it to enrich themselves. I want the  
fund to be moved  out fast before the time-period for government to  
lay claim on it elapses.As far as I am concerned, the money is up for  
grabs, neither the government nor her offcials have legitimate claim  
over the money, so it is free-for-all.For your role, you will get 50%  
of the amount while 50% will be for me, as soon as the money is  
transferred to your account. I have plans resigning my job and  
relocating to your country where I intend to invest my share in real  
estates before gradually moving it to UK as the years go by.

The name of the customer is Mrs. Walla Abdelfattah who died in a plane  
crash involving United Airlines Flight 93  in Southwest Pennsylvania  
on Oct. 31, 1999.Story had it that she was married but divorced for  
many years before the unfortunate incident.You can verify her death  
via the link  

I need your sincere cooperation and trust in handling this assignment  
and to observe absolute confidentility.The deal is 100% risk-free as  
we  will execute it in compliance with relevant laws/regulations to  
avoid running into hitches.If you are interested, let me have the  
details below:

Your Full Name:-

Your Residential Address:-

Your Mobile Number:-

Identification Document:-

If this e-mail offends your moral values, please don't bother to  
reply.Just ignore it without comments.

Cussa Francis F

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