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From Oleg Kalnichevski <ol...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCEMENT] HttpComponents HttpAsyncClient 4.0-alpha3 Released
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2011 20:24:06 GMT
Apache HttpComponents project is pleased to announce the third ALPHA
release of HttpAsyncClient 4.0. This release largely completes the
application programming interface and feature set of HttpAsyncClient.
While the API may still change in the course of the ALPHA development
phase, this is expected to be the last round of major API changes and
the API is expected to be reasonably stable as of this release.

We are kindly asking actual and prospective users of HttpAsyncClient to
review its API, evaluate its functionality and give us feedback while
the 4.0 API is still not final. If no major flaws  are discovered the
4.0 API is expected to be frozen with the next BETA release. 

Download -

Release notes -

HttpComponents site -


About Apache HttpAsyncClient

Although the java.net package provides basic functionality for accessing
resources via HTTP, it doesn't provide the full flexibility or
functionality needed by many applications. HttpAsyncClient seeks to fill
this void by providing an efficient, up-to-date, and feature-rich
package with an event-driven programming interface based on a
non-blocking I/O model.

HttpAsyncClient is NOT meant to replace or supersede Apache HttpClient.
It is a complementary library to Apache HttpClient intended for special
cases where ability to handle a great number of concurrent connections
is more important than performance in terms of a raw data throughput.

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