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From Simone Tripodi <simonetrip...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Commons Validator-1.4.0 released!
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2012 22:15:27 GMT
The Apache Commons PMC is pleased to announce the Apache Commons
Validator-1.4.0 release!

The Apache Commons Validator component provides the building blocks
for both client side validation and server side data validation.

Changes in this version include:

New features:
o New generic CodeValidator that validates format, length and Check
Digit for a code  Issue: VALIDATOR-215.
o New Regular Expression validator using JDK 1.4's Regex  Issue: VALIDATOR-214.
o Factor out Check Digit logic into separate implementations  Issue:

Fixed Bugs:
o CheckStyle and FindBug Issues - inner classes and key sets  Issue:
VALIDATOR-301. Thanks to Jacob Zwiers.
o Email validation fails with dash or hyphen at end of local address
Issue: VALIDATOR-293. Thanks to Will Glass-Husain.
o @localhost and @localhost.localdomain email addresses aren't
correctly detected as valid  Issue: VALIDATOR-292.
o UrlValidator.isValid does not properly validate *.travel domains
Issue: VALIDATOR-289. Thanks to GM.
o isValid method for EmailValidator should return false for domain
with special characters only  Issue: VALIDATOR-286.
o formatDate(String value, Locale locale) in GenericTypeValidator uses
DateFormat.SHORT instead of DateFormat.DEFAULT  Issue: VALIDATOR-282.
o isValidURL call returns false for file scheme/protocol when URL is
correct  Issue: VALIDATOR-276.
o gmail testing addresses do not validate  Issue: VALIDATOR-271.
Thanks to Ralf Hauser.
o clirr Report - EmailValidator.isValidIpAddress() argument type
change  Issue: VALIDATOR-300. Thanks to Jacob Zwiers.
o Null-Stream input to ValidatorResources leads to
MalformedURLExceptions  Issue: VALIDATOR-226. Thanks to Lian Ort.
o EmailValidator fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on domain
names longer than 10 segments  Issue: VALIDATOR-220. Thanks to Adam
o UrlValidator fail when path contains "(" / ")"  Issue:
VALIDATOR-218. Thanks to Stephen Chu.
o UrlValidator rejects top-level domains (TLDs) with more than 4
characters  Issue: VALIDATOR-216. Thanks to Kenji Matsuoka.

o UrlValidator does not validate URL with simple domains (eg:
http://hostname )  Issue: VALIDATOR-288. Thanks to feroze daud.
o EmailValidator.isValid(String) follows RFC822 but violates RFC1034
Issue: VALIDATOR-275. Thanks to Adam Gordon.
o Performance improvement of DomainValidator by change the regular
expression  Issue: VALIDATOR-252. Thanks to Makoto Uchino.
o url with brackets is not validated thru URLvalidator class.  Issue:
VALIDATOR-251. Thanks to Meenal Gupta.
o Banking CheckDigit implementations: ABA, CUSIP, IBAN, ISIN and Sedol
 Issue: VALIDATOR-250.
o Add Diners card validation to CreditCardValidator  Issue: VALIDATOR-249.
o Add an option to allow 'localhost' as a valid hostname part in the
URL  Issue: VALIDATOR-248. Thanks to Sergey Nebolsin.
o Move CreditCardValidator to routines package and refactor to use new
CodeValidator  Issue: VALIDATOR-247. Thanks to bspeakmon.
o Move EmailValidator to routines package  Issue: VALIDATOR-242.
o New InetAdress Validator implementation  Issue: VALIDATOR-241.
Thanks to niallp.
o Support the 65 prefix for Discover Card  Issue: VALIDATOR-240.
Thanks to Webb Morris.
o Create 1.4 DTD  Issue: VALIDATOR-234. Thanks to Paul Benedict.
o Switch to using Version 0.4.3 of the Dojo Compressor from the maven
repo  Issue: VALIDATOR-233. Thanks to Paul Benedict.
o Add script attribute to control script generation  Issue:
VALIDATOR-232. Thanks to Paul Benedict.
o validatorUtilities.js - replace colon characters in the function
name (JSF/Shale)  Issue: VALIDATOR-224. Thanks to Hasan Turksoy.
o Move the trim() function from validateRequired.js to
validateUtilities.js  Issue: VALIDATOR-223. Thanks to Hasan Turksoy.
o Upgrade to Digester 1.8  Issue: VALIDATOR-211.
o Refactor UrlValidator - especially the line 370-ish.  Issue:
VALIDATOR-203. Thanks to bayard.
o Copy remaining Validation Routines to the new routines package
Issue: VALIDATOR-197.
o Removing ORO dep. from GenericValidator  Issue: VALIDATOR-193.
Thanks to Matthias Wessendorf.
o Adding ISBNValidator to GenericValidator  Issue: VALIDATOR-192.
Thanks to Matthias Wessendorf.
o Remove the dependency on Jakarta ORO (move to JDK 1.4 regular
expression support)  Issue: VALIDATOR-191. Thanks to Matthias
o Extend ISBN validator to support smooth transition to ISBN-13 /
EAN-13 standard  Issue: VALIDATOR-188. Thanks to Gabriel Belingueres.
o JDK 1.4 - change minimum dependency for validator to be JDK 1.4 (was
1.3). Primary reason
      for this is to use JDK 1.4+ built in regular expression support
and remove the dependency
      on Jakarta ORO.

Have fun!
-Simo, on behalf of the Apache Commons PMC


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