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From "Steven J. Hathaway" <shatha...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Xalan-C 1.11 Release
Date Sun, 18 Nov 2012 05:17:53 GMT
The Apache Xalan team is pleased to announce the release of
Xalan-C version 1.11. -- November 2, 2012

Xalan-C is a library for XML document transformation
using XSLT stylesheets.  It is written using the C++
programming language.  The release also includes a
command-line program for document transformation, and
several test programs of sample code.

Online documentation is available on the project website:

The significant new feature is the support of more top-level
parameter types for stylesheet processors.  The library
now supports top-level parameters of type string, nodeset,
and number.

Nodeset parameters can reference any parsed XML document
or fragment.  This allows multiple XML documents to be
merged under the control of a single transformation process
without having to reparse the source for each reference.

Number parameters can handle values of type double.

String parameters can handle unicode text strings.  This was
available in the previous releases.

Xalan-C 1.11 is has been built and tested on the
following platforms.

    Microsoft Windows VS 2003
    Microsoft Windows VS 2005
    Microsoft Windows VS 2008
    Microsoft Windows VS 2010
    Linux with GCC 4.4.5
    FreeBSD-8 with GCC 4.2
    OpenBSD with GCC
    Solaris-10 with SunStudio-12.2


    Apache Xerces-C 3.1.1 for XML parsing

    GNU Make (except for Windows)
    GNU Tar (for Solaris)

Documentation packages are available and packaged
as a stand-alone website directory.

Binary packages are available for the Microsoft Windows
platforms.  The library also contains a Xalan.exe program
for command-line XSLT stylesheet transformations.

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