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From Sebastian Schaffert <sschaff...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Marmotta 3.0.0-incubating released!
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2013 10:27:52 GMT
The Apache Marmotta team is pleased to announce the availability of Apache Marmotta 3.0.0-incubating.
This release is the first incubation release of Apache Marmotta after acceptance into the

Apache Marmotta is an extensible and modular implementation of a Linked Data Platform and
contains a server component as well as many useful libraries for accessing Linked Data resources.
Apache Marmotta is a continuation of the Linked Media Framework (LMF) originally developed
by Salzburg Research, but considerably improved with respect to modularity, reliability, performance
and also licensing. Since the last LMF release was the 2.x series, Apache Marmotta starts
with the version number 3.0.0-incubating.

Apache Marmotta consists of the following components:
- Apache Marmotta Platform: the complete Linked Data server implementation
- KiWi Triple Store: an implementation of a Sesame Sail based on a relational database with
advanced functionalities like rule-based reasoning and versioning of updates
- LDClient: a Linked Data client library that can also wrap other legacy data formats and
access them in a Linked Data style (e.g. the YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook APIs)
- LDCache: a caching component for LDClient allowing to locally cache the retrieved data in
different backends
- LDPath: a path-based query language for the Linked Data Cloud; in combination with LDClient
and LDCache, it allows transparently navigating over different servers

All components can also be used separately, e.g. for Linked Data applications that do not
require a server and only aim to consume Linked Data. More information is available on the
Apache Marmotta Website:


All components are available via Maven Central. Documentation on how to use them can be found
on the webpage. In addition, we offer several distribution packages at:


The Apache Marmotta release currently contains of the following distribution packages:
- Apache Marmotta Installer: an installation wizard that creates a ready-to-run installation
of the Marmotta Platform
- Apache Marmotta Web Application: a .war file of the Marmotta Platform that can be deployed
in most servlet containers
- Apache Marmotta Source Distribution: complete source code
- Apache Marmotta LDPath: a standalone command line tool for running LDPath over the Linked
Data Cloud

The release notes for this release follow:

Release Notes - Marmotta - Version 3.0-incubating

** Sub-task
    * [MARMOTTA-2] - Code importation
    * [MARMOTTA-8] - implement versioning component
    * [MARMOTTA-11] - separate existing LMF code into Marmotta parts and LMF parts
    * [MARMOTTA-12] - Setup a preliminary website for Apache Marmotta
    * [MARMOTTA-40] - Merge all branches to default branch
    * [MARMOTTA-102] - Rename packages in the triple store
    * [MARMOTTA-103] - Rename packages in ldcache
    * [MARMOTTA-104] - Rename packages in ldpath
    * [MARMOTTA-105] - Rename packages in the marmotta platform
    * [MARMOTTA-106] - Rename packages in commons
    * [MARMOTTA-107] - Rename packages in build-extras
    * [MARMOTTA-108] - Rename packages in marmotta-client
    * [MARMOTTA-114] - Migrate the content to the new site
    * [MARMOTTA-120] - Rename packages in launchers
    * [MARMOTTA-121] - Not in maven-central: com.ezware.oxbow:task-dialog:jar:1.3.6
    * [MARMOTTA-122] - Not in maven-central: dfki.km.json:jsonld-java:jar:1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
    * [MARMOTTA-123] - Not in maven-central: fi.tikesos:rdfa-core:jar:0.0.8

** Bug
    * [MARMOTTA-91] - NPE when PUTting metadata through the REST webservice
    * [MARMOTTA-92] - Changing Database Configuration Mode (create/validate) doesn't persist
    * [MARMOTTA-93] - NPE when PUTting content through the REST webservice
    * [MARMOTTA-94] - Resource CREATE through REST webservice doesn't seem to work
    * [MARMOTTA-95] - InterceptingRepositoryConnection not working as expected
    * [MARMOTTA-100] - ldpath-backend-linkeddata should depend on ldclient
    * [MARMOTTA-116] - Content negotiation is not properly working
    * [MARMOTTA-117] - marmotta-archetypes not working
    * [MARMOTTA-118] - ldclient-provider-rdf DBPedia test is failing
    * [MARMOTTA-130] - Create REST documentation only for platform modules
    * [MARMOTTA-132] - Possible issue with SPARQL Update syntax
    * [MARMOTTA-134] - Fix the license at pom.xml files
    * [MARMOTTA-139] - ConcurrentModificationException in ConfigurationService
    * [MARMOTTA-140] - ntriples not recognized when importing
    * [MARMOTTA-141] - no absolute path for marmotta home
    * [MARMOTTA-144] - Create a proper NOTICE file
    * [MARMOTTA-147] - ConfigurationService must not store descriptions, types and values
into one file
    * [MARMOTTA-151] - Configuration change breaks the platform
    * [MARMOTTA-153] - Fix template engine for working fine with the secundary theme
    * [MARMOTTA-158] - KWRL parser does not support comments
    * [MARMOTTA-159] - LDPath parser does not support comments
    * [MARMOTTA-160] - Fix Marmotta Archetypes
    * [MARMOTTA-164] - log files are put in LMF_HOME_IS_UNDEFINED/log
    * [MARMOTTA-166] - KiWiStore ValueFactory performs badly in multi-threaded, high-load
    * [MARMOTTA-167] - Use commons-collections ReferenceMap instead of WeakValueMap in KiWiValueFactory
    * [MARMOTTA-174] - Profiles administration ui is not initialized with the current profile
    * [MARMOTTA-179] - Fix the incorrect application of header plugin on some third-party
javascript libraries
    * [MARMOTTA-185] - drop indexes on mysql
    * [MARMOTTA-188] - DESCRIBE queries return a wrong content type
    * [MARMOTTA-190] - (c) Salzburg Research - Header in resource/test files
    * [MARMOTTA-194] - Style is not correctly applied to all templates

** Improvement
    * [MARMOTTA-96] - Remove/adapt the first step of the "First steps" tutorial since it doesn't
have an effect therefore confusing
    * [MARMOTTA-133] - Improve SPARQL Update feedback when query fails
    * [MARMOTTA-136] - SPARQL HTML results not working
    * [MARMOTTA-137] - Tests failed when local port 8080 is not available
    * [MARMOTTA-138] - LDPath Test Suite uses Solr
    * [MARMOTTA-172] - Provide better file names when exporting resources
    * [MARMOTTA-173] - Allow security profiles to build upon/depend on other profiles

** Task
    * [MARMOTTA-1] - Project importation
    * [MARMOTTA-4] - Create a public image for the project
    * [MARMOTTA-83] - Create documentation for KiWi triplestore
    * [MARMOTTA-84] - Create documentation for LDClient
    * [MARMOTTA-90] - Implement file-based caching for LDCache
    * [MARMOTTA-98] - Fix reactor plugin configuration
    * [MARMOTTA-101] - Rename the imported packages to org.apache.marmotta.*
    * [MARMOTTA-109] - Fix custom dependencies
    * [MARMOTTA-111] - Replace C3P0 by Tomcat JDBC Pool in case C3P0 license issues are not
    * [MARMOTTA-112] - Clean dependencies that can not be resolved from maven central
    * [MARMOTTA-113] - Remove http://devel.kiwi-project.eu:8080/nexus/content/groups/public/
from parent/pom.xml
    * [MARMOTTA-126] - Replace UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java
    * [MARMOTTA-131] - Create distribution tasks for releasing the software
    * [MARMOTTA-148] - Provide content on the main pages

The Apache Marmotta Team
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