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From Simone Tripodi <simonetrip...@apache.org>
Subject [ANN] Apache Oltu OAuth2 0.31 released
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2013 08:41:59 GMT
The Apache Oltu Team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Oltu
OAuth2 0.31!

The Apache Oltu project will deliver a Java development framework
mainly aimed to build OAuth-aware applications.


[OLTU-81] - Change packages, artifact names, etc. to Oltu
[OLTU-83] - Remove Incubator DISCLAIMER file and relative inclusion in packages
[OLTU-85] - Update Ohloh page reference


[OLTU-5] - AuthorizationCodeValidator needs to be updated to latest spec
[OLTU-13] - Client defined HTTP headers in OAuthClientRequest
[OLTU-19] - Client code generates wrong header for Bearer Token
[OLTU-43] - Add generic flow to client-demo webapp
[OLTU-52] - Update the client demo web app in order to leverage the
new API in AMBER-70
[OLTU-57] - Extend the client library in order to easily handle bearer
token request
[OLTU-60] - Add integration with Google OAuth 2.0 for Web Server
Applications to client-demo webapp
[OLTU-63] - Add Extra fields to OAuthProblemException for easier spec
compliant error handling
[OLTU-107] - ResourceHeaderEndpoint should use e.getUri()
[OLTU-109] - OAuthTokenRequest unnecessarily requires the
"redirect_uri" parameter
[OLTU-111] - CLONE - AuthorizationCodeValidator needs to be updated to
latest spec


[OLTU-86] - Make Oltu artifacts valid OSGi bundles
[OLTU-100] - Add Linkedin flow in the demo webapp
[OLTU-104] - Plaintext JWT implementation does not handle out-of-specs fields

New Feature
[OLTU-99] - Add a decode JWT to the demo


[OLTU-87] - Migrate OAuth2 modules groupId to org.apache.oltu.oauth2
[OLTU-88] - Extract the parent pom from the reactor one
[OLTU-89] - move artifactId to OSGi-alike taxonomy
[OLTU-96] - Improve client API in order to support known Provider

Have Fun,
-Simo, on behalf of the Apache Oltu PMC


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