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From Chris Mattmann <mattm...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache OODT 0.6 release
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2013 20:20:27 GMT
The Apache OODT community is proud to announce the release of Apache OODT

Apache OODT is a software framework, and an architectural style for
the rapid construction of scientific data systems. It provides
components for data capture, curation, metadata extraction, workflow
management, resource management and data processing.

The 0.6 release addresses 69 issues from our JIRA management system:


The release includes full support for the PEAR packaging system for
PHP, including the delivery of several PHP PEAR libraries for OODT's
file manager. In addition, this release marks the beginnings of several
Google Summer of Code projects including the ability to use Ganglia as a
resource monitoring system and an all CXF based CAS-product web app. In
addition, Apache OODT 0.6 now successfully builds with Maven3. The Apache
OPSUI got a facelift in its default skin, new CAS-PGE input file writers
on templates have been added, support for running CAS-PGE in Cygwin on
has landed, and overall the OODT RADIX installer has been significantly

The release is available from:


In the first 48 hours, the release will be propagating to the mirrors, so
allow time for it to show up in a mirror near you.

The release is also made available via Maven Central:


The Apache OODT website will be updated shortly to reflect the releases. As
always if you find anything that you'd like to report (including praise!)
please do so on our user@oodt.apache.org (use of OODT) or
dev@oodt.apache.org (architecture/design of OODT) mailing lists. Also
please visit our website:


And our wiki:



Chris Mattmann
(on behalf of the Apache OODT PMC)

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