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From Michael <m...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Olingo 4.0.0-beta-01 has been released
Date Tue, 23 Sep 2014 21:09:53 GMT

Apache Olingo OData Library for Java 4.0.0-beta-01 has been released.

This first release of Apache Olingo OData Library provides support for
OData V4 specification for:
- basic read and write use cases for Java Client implementations
(Apache Olingo OData Client for Java)
- basic read use cases for Java Server implementations (Apache Olingo
OData Server for Java)
- basic use cases for Android Clients implementations (Apache Olingo
OData Client for Android).

The release is available for download as distribution packages:

and as maven dependencies:

Apache Olingo is a Java library which enables developers to implement
OData V4 producers as well as OData V4 consumers.

The Open Data Protocol (OData, http://odata.org) is a Web protocol for
querying and updating data that provides a way to unlock your data and
free it from silos that exist in applications today. OData does this
by applying and building upon Web technologies such as HTTP, Atom
Publishing Protocol (AtomPub) and JSON to provide access to
information from a variety of applications, services, and stores.

Release Notes - Olingo - Version 4.0.0-beta-01
Link: https://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/ReleaseNote.jspa?projectId=12314520&version=12325571

New Feature
[OLINGO-61] - V4 complient EDM
[OLINGO-63] - Parse Uri in Producer with AntLr
[OLINGO-66] - V4 complient Deserializer for a client
[OLINGO-190] - Merge Service Document deserialization from ODataJClient
[OLINGO-194] - Merge and update URIBuilder and FilterFactory from ODataJClient
[OLINGO-200] - Merge V3's Atom / JSON (de)serializers and implement V4's
[OLINGO-206] - URI Validator
[OLINGO-211] - Merge V2 Servlet into V4
[OLINGO-233] - Provide configuration option for connecting via HTTP proxy
[OLINGO-244] - Client upsert
[OLINGO-254] - Integrate missing type information with Edm if available
[OLINGO-259] - Implement delta response handling
[OLINGO-260] - Merge ODataJClient's Proxy layer and update for V4
[OLINGO-261] - Merge ODataJClient's maven plugin and update for V4
[OLINGO-262] - Merge ODataJClient's Android features
[OLINGO-263] - Edm vocabulary and annotation interfaces
[OLINGO-266] - Technical Service for OData 4.0 Server
[OLINGO-362] - Client support for OAuth2
[OLINGO-400] - Add build target for documentation to build

[OLINGO-60] - Edm Interfaces and Provider based on V4 Specification
[OLINGO-62] - Implement Edm Interfaces
[OLINGO-65] - EdmPrimitiveType questions
[OLINGO-143] - Javadoc for Edm API classes
[OLINGO-161] - Refactor module names to client/server
[OLINGO-163] - Optimize pom dependencies
[OLINGO-167] - Metadata Document Serialization
[OLINGO-168] - Service Document Serialization
[OLINGO-170] - Move edm server implementation to server module
[OLINGO-186] - Implement common Edm interfaces client-side
[OLINGO-187] - Use EdmType hierarchy in client code
[OLINGO-212] - Handle edmx:Reference in V4 ODataMetadataRequest
[OLINGO-230] - Support for navigation properties in complex types
[OLINGO-234] - Invoke requests
[OLINGO-264] - Instance annotations
[OLINGO-267] - Implement Scenario EDM Provider
[OLINGO-269] - Create Web Application Project
[OLINGO-270] - Enable Scenario Service for FIT Testing
[OLINGO-288] - Discuss http dependency of ODataServer API
[OLINGO-294] - Move common serializer code to commons
[OLINGO-304] - Enable Intengration Test over proxy configuration
[OLINGO-313] - OData Version Header
[OLINGO-328] - Implement content negotiation
[OLINGO-337] - FIT Tests
[OLINGO-346] - Vote on release candidate
[OLINGO-348] - Translatable exception messages
[OLINGO-349] - ODataError serialization
[OLINGO-350] - Exceptions should result in correct http status codes
on server side
[OLINGO-356] - Improve code quality
[OLINGO-366] - Enforce delayed HTTP requests
[OLINGO-367] - Support $select in client proxy
[OLINGO-368] - Support for proxy methods' asynchronous invocation
[OLINGO-369] - Review client proxy exception handling
[OLINGO-370] - Provide client proxy entity / complex type creator

[OLINGO-207] - Replace Formbased URL decoder in class UriDecoder
[OLINGO-209] - Re-introduce support for multiple containers in Edm interfaces
[OLINGO-214] - EdmTimeOfDay / EdmDateTimeOffset don't support required precision
[OLINGO-248] - Provide support for asynchronous requests
[OLINGO-253] - $select doesn't comply with specifications
[OLINGO-272] - https authentication request results in
[OLINGO-274] - fix V4 json error response's deserializing (ATOM is still a TODO)
[OLINGO-284] - Incorrect length validation for Edm.Binary
[OLINGO-314] - pojogen plugin needs generate correct name for EDM complex type
[OLINGO-315] - handle the case of zero container in EDM schema
[OLINGO-318] - client should base64encode edm.binary data, not as URLSafeString
[OLINGO-319] - fix java.lang.IllegalStateException: Content has been consumed
[OLINGO-321] - client proxy code should support calling operation on
minimal metadata entity
[OLINGO-326] - URIbuilder issue on android, and uri format issue of
addressing derived types
[OLINGO-327] - make client supports shorter operation name in url (not
protocol standard)
[OLINGO-340] - UnderlyingType in EnumType is not evaluated correctly
[OLINGO-341] - Response for EdmMetadataRequest return status code -1
[OLINGO-353] - Patch after Post will get error
[OLINGO-355] - Maven Import of Olingo 4.0. code in Eclipse Kepler
fails using M2E plugin fails
[OLINGO-357] - Error when generating URI with DateTimeOffset
[OLINGO-363] - Client proxy code at runtime shouldn't re-download metadata
[OLINGO-371] - Client proxy: bad enum type serialization with PATCH
[OLINGO-384] - JS- clean up OData V3 types in Utils.js
[OLINGO-385] - JS- clean up OData V3 types in Utils.js
[OLINGO-390] - Client JSON serializer should correctly output complex
value's odata.type
[OLINGO-391] - Base64 handling on Android
[OLINGO-392] - JS-read service document
[OLINGO-393] - JS-support add links via $ref
[OLINGO-395] - Java client should support the deletion based on
locally created entity
[OLINGO-396] - Parser (for URI) does not handle $format correctly
[OLINGO-398] - java proxy code: duplicated $select, $expand, $skip &
$top in query URL.
[OLINGO-399] - java client - improve container.flush()
[OLINGO-403] - java client - navigation deletion error
[OLINGO-404] - Allow iterator inheritance
[OLINGO-405] - Content-Length not set even when requested
[OLINGO-407] - JS- should define V4's window.odatajs.oData to
replaceV3's window.OData
[OLINGO-415] - Java client-proxy code getter method has performane issue

[OLINGO-64] - Enhance V4 build with Rat and Checkstyle
[OLINGO-77] - Refactor package naming for V4
[OLINGO-202] - Refactor getOperation methods
[OLINGO-242] - Custom HTTP User-Agent
[OLINGO-280] - pojogen-maven-plugin: off-line generation
[OLINGO-338] - Refactor ContentType and AcceptType class in server API
[OLINGO-364] - Better Android client support
[OLINGO-365] - Client proxy API review
[OLINGO-377] - Improve infrastructure in FIT for code coverage support

[OLINGO-58] - Setup module structure for V4
[OLINGO-59] - Setup build job for V4 project
[OLINGO-159] - Change license headers to ASF
[OLINGO-169] - Define common Edm interface elements
[OLINGO-175] - Replace external V3 test service by providing a static one
[OLINGO-191] - use general namespace for lastest version.
[OLINGO-192] - remove.odata4 from package name
[OLINGO-205] - Migrate V3 request and response from ODataJClient
[OLINGO-236] - Re-Factor FIT
[OLINGO-246] - Provide batch request support on static server (fit)
ant V3 test integration
[OLINGO-342] - Release OData 4.0 Version 4.0.0-beta-01
[OLINGO-381] - Provide client customization samples
[OLINGO-419] - Olingo OData Client for Java Script release odatajs-4.0.0-beta-01
[OLINGO-437] - js - publish beta01's nuget package

[OLINGO-286] - OData 4.0 client interoperability tests
[OLINGO-287] - OData 4.0 JSON format conformance tests

Kind Regards,

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