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From Michael <m...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Olingo 4.0.0-beta-02 has been released
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2015 21:40:37 GMT

Apache Olingo OData Library for Java 4.0.0-beta-02 has been released.

This second beta release of Apache Olingo OData Library provides
support for OData V4 specification for:
- read and write use cases for Java Client implementations (Apache
Olingo OData Client for Java)
- basic read and write use cases for Java Server implementations
(Apache Olingo OData Server for Java)
- basic use cases for Android Clients implementations (Apache Olingo
OData Client for Android).

The release is available for download as distribution packages:

and as maven dependencies:

Apache Olingo is a Java library which enables developers to implement
OData V4 producers as well as OData V4 consumers.

The Open Data Protocol (OData, http://odata.org) is a Web protocol for
querying and updating data that provides a way to unlock your data and
free it from silos that exist in applications today. OData does this
by applying and building upon Web technologies such as HTTP, Atom
Publishing Protocol (AtomPub) and JSON to provide access to
information from a variety of applications, services, and stores.

Release Notes - Olingo - Version 4.0.0-beta-02
Link: https://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/ReleaseNote.jspa?projectId=12314520&version=12327255

Improvements and New Features:
• [OLINGO-290] - HttpMethod class in commons
• [OLINGO-447] - Explorative Testing Issues
• [OLINGO-466] - Server Sample Code
• [OLINGO-485] - Refactoring of ODataSerializer
• [OLINGO-347] - Exception handling in V4
• [OLINGO-422] - Support of $select and $expand for server
• [OLINGO-423] - Add support for "edmx:Reference" to CSDL document
• [OLINGO-444] - Addressing Property & $value is not supported
• [OLINGO-472] - V4 Batch Request Parser and Response Writer
• [OLINGO-507] - Media Resource Handling in V4
• [OLINGO-530] - OData content deserialization isn't supported yet
Fixed Bugs:
• [OLINGO-373] - should support reading proxy code' META-INF files in
eclipse ADT app' way
• [OLINGO-426] - OData query string parameters are not encoded
correctly in the URI
• [OLINGO-427] - Olingo says it using minimalmetadata when calling a
function but then passes metadata causing the service to return a
• [OLINGO-428] - Metadata request fails when EDM provider returns
Schema with null valued alias
• [OLINGO-434] - Unary parsing is not complete in UriParseTreeVisitor
• [OLINGO-435] - Alias parsing is incorrect in UriParseTreeVisitior
• [OLINGO-438] - $Count of a Collection is not supported
• [OLINGO-457] - Incorrect "/olingo-server-tecsvc/" path
• [OLINGO-471] - Generated proxies do not handle
ODataServerErrorException correctly resulting in a
• [OLINGO-499] - AbstractValuable.isComplex
• [OLINGO-501] - ODataJsonSerializer fails to write Collections of
Complex Properties
• [OLINGO-503] - Incorrect JSON-Serialization of Collections of
abstract complex Properties
• [OLINGO-510] - Problem when using the ODataReferenceAddingRequest to
add a reference to a property
• [OLINGO-511] - Add a class ODataReferenceUpdatingRequest for
reference with cardinality 1
• [OLINGO-522] - Missing 'edm:Abstract' Attribute in CSDL Document
• [OLINGO-523] - CSDL Document ignores Schema Namespace Alias
• [OLINGO-524] - Unexpected Property Inheritance Behavior
• [OLINGO-538] - Missing 'Abstract' Attributes for Complex Types in
CSDL Document
• [OLINGO-540] - Inlined NavigationProperty can cause infinite Loop in
• [OLINGO-443] - Extend and improve JavaDoc for API modules
• [OLINGO-468] - Improve code quality for 4.0.0-beta-02
• [OLINGO-542] - Release OData 4.0 Version 4.0.0-beta-02

Kind Regards,

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