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From Sally Khudairi ...@apache.org>
Subject The Apache Software Foundation Operations Summary: October-December 2014
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2015 22:17:38 GMT
>> this announcement is available online at http://s.apache.org/fOb

October-December 2014 

"The Apache Software Foundation is a cornerstone of the modern open source software ecosystem
– supporting some of the most widely used and important software solutions powering today's
Internet economy..." –Mark Driver, Research Vice President, Gartner Group 

> The Place for Open Innovation and Collaboration: A recent recount of the the ASF's projects
and initiatives revealed that the number exceeds 350, including 160 Top-level Projects, 110
sub-projects (not in the original census), 36 podlings in the Apache Incubator, and 39 technical
initiatives in the Apache Labs. New projects that have entered the Apache Incubator are: Corinthia
(CMS), Htrace (Big Data), Ignite (Big Data), Kylin (Big Data), Lens (Big Data), NiFi (Cloud
Computing), SAMOA (Big Data), Tamaya (Java Tools/Frameworks), Taverna (Workflow Management),
and Zeppelin (Big Data Analytics). Podlings that graduated the Incubator as Apache Top-Level
Projects are: DeviceMap, Drill, Falcon, and MetaModel. Hadoop Development Tools retired from
the Incubator. We distributed formal press releases to support the above milestones, and have
conducted regular outreach to members of the media and analyst community, and to the community
at-large through the new weekly Apache News Round-Up reports via email to announce@apache.org.
To help developers and users identify their affiliation with products and initiatives under
the Apache umbrella, we provided new "Powered by Apache" graphical assets for all Apache projects

> Apache Community: "Community Over Code" is the cornerstone of the Foundation's core tenets,
underscoring open collaboration amongst the ASF's 500+ Members and 4,500+ Committers through
respectful, honest, technically-focused interaction. We participated in Google Summer of Code
for the 9th consecutive year: of the initial 42 students accepted, 36 passed the midterm evaluations
and 35 passed the final evaluations. ApacheCon, the Foundation's official user conference,
trainings, and expo was held in 17-21 November 2014 in Budapest, Hungary. Preparations are
underway for ApacheCon North America (13-17 April 2015/Austin, Texas), including soliciting
presentations and processing travel assistance applications. In addition, the Lucene/Solr
and CloudStack communities will be co-locating conference events during ApacheCon. 

> Contributions and License Agreements: We received and filed 198 Individual CLAs, 18 Corporate
CLAs, and 8 software grants. 

> Infrastructure: Over the past quarter, the ASF Infrastructure team has largely been focused
on automation and paying down some long standing technical debt. Much of the focus has been
on covering the spread of configuration management over our core services. Thanks to several
Infrastructure sponsors, we have been able to move move a number of services into the public
Cloud. Of course, there are a number of project and user facing changes taking place as well;
we've debuted a code signing service to give our projects' end users a better installation
experience while making them more secure. We've also dramatically improved our CI platform,
adding much additional capacity and capability in the form of more static slaves, the ability
to spin up on-demand slaves as well as Docker containers. Apache Infrastructure contractors
work tirelessly around the globe and around the clock to ensure our distributed project teams
can continue to work without worrying about the services they depend upon. ASF Infrastructure
averaged 99.39% overall uptime, as detailed at http://s.apache.org/uptime 

> Budget: As ASF sponsorship funds are a critical part of ensuring we can support all Apache
projects, Infrastructure accounts for our largest expense at 63% of our current budget. 10%
of our budget is allocated to Marketing & Publicity, where our contractor ensures prompt
and appropriate responses to all inquiries. An additional 10% is spent on general administration,
comprising legal and bank fees, insurances, executive assistant, accounting services, and
associated expenses. 5% is dedicated to ASF Brand Management to ensure Apache brands remain
independent of any individual commercial interests through trademark registration and related

For more information, subscribe to the announce@apache.org mailing list and visit http://www.apache.org/,
the ASF Blog at http://blogs.apache.org/, and the @TheASF feed on Twitter. 

# # # 

Report prepared by Sally Khudairi, Vice President Marketing & Publicity 
(c) The Apache Software Foundation 2015

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