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From Erik de Bruin <erikdebr...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCEMENT] Apache Flex SDK 4.14.1 is released
Date Mon, 30 Mar 2015 10:23:20 GMT
The Apache Flex community is pleased to announce the release of Apache
Flex SDK 4.14.1

The update has these new features and the following bug fixes:

FLEX-34772  Add padding property to VerticalLayout/VGroup,
HorizontalLayout/HGroup and TileLayout/TileGroup
FLEX-34712  Callout loses anchor to CalloutButton while callout open
and screen rotates
FLEX-34714  Fix to continue using legacy mobile theme removes iOS
status bar padding
FLEX-34746  Upscaling BusyIndicator leads to wrong rotation centre
FLEX-34748  Spark ActionBar chromeColor is ignored in Flex 14
FLEX-34750  BusyIndicatorSkin does not work with mx:Application
FLEX-34758  IOS buttons does not look correct when disabled
FLEX-34766  Android Button Skin transparency issue
FLEX-34778  Application hangs when opening node, closing it, then
replacing one of its children
FLEX-34774  Blur effect remains if first modal Popup closes before
other modal Popups
FLEX-34732  TextInput/TextArea with borderColor style set gives
compiler warnings
FLEX-34805  Unable to set chromeColor property on TabbedViewNavigatorApplication
FLEX-34806  Warning about font embedding on label component
FLEX-34759  ArrayList/ArrayCollection performance improvements

For more details, see the release notes at:


It is recommended that you install this version of the Apache Flex SDK
using the Apache Flex SDK Installer:


The Apache Flex SDK is available as source from the following download page:


After downloading, please remember to verify the files using
signatures and MD5 hashes.

The Apache Flex SDK is a highly productive, open source application
framework for building and maintaining expressive applications that
deploy consistently on all major browsers, desktops and devices
(including smartphones, tablets and TVs).

For more information on Apache Flex, visit the project home page:


The Apache Flex Community

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