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From Sally Khudairi ...@apache.org>
Subject Summary of the Apache Roadshow 2015 - China
Date Thu, 12 Nov 2015 21:38:13 GMT
>> this announcement is available online at http://s.apache.org/q2L

by Ted Liu, event co-organizer 

On 24-25 October, The Apache Roadshow 2015 - China in Beijing was successfully concluded.
It was organized by KAIYUANSHE (the first ground-up Chinese Open Source alliance co-founded
by CSDN, GitCafe, GNOME.Asia, Microsoft Open Tech and Ubuntu Kylin in October 2014, and now
with 50 Open Source community and enterprise members) together with the community sponsorship
from The Apache Software Foundation (ASF). The roadshow was aimed to establish KAIYUANSHE
as a leader in the Open Source communities in China and a bridge to the international and
domestic Open Source communities. 

With both onsite and online coverage, there were over 5,000 persons participated the roadshow,
where 1,400 joined onsite in Beijing, 3,370 watched the live streaming video (avg. 23 minutes
viewing), and 200+ college students and community members attended the 4 regional sessions
in Hebei, Henan, Xi'An, and Shanghai. 

We have received many solid feedbacks so far: 

- Brett Porter, chairman of ASF, greeted in his Wechat message "Thank you everyone-it was
wonderful to spend the time with you. Thanks again to the organizers and volunteers on such
as a great event". 

- Niclas Hedhman, VP of Apache Zest, whose gave keynote about Apache Incubation, wishes to
have this roadshow recur regularly. 

- J. Aaron Farr, member of ASF Incubator, who gave keynote about "The Open Source Experience
of League of Legends", commented that the Apache Roadshow 2015 – China, is one of the best
Apache event in the Greater China region he ever attended.
Many Chinese Apache committers, contributors and users are very eager to participate more
China-specific Apache project-related communications, online discussion groups, meetups and
even an Apache China Community formation more timely and frequently. 

More highlights & details 

With very limited funding and resources, we made this Roadshow happen thanking the joint efforts
of KAIYUANSHE members, the sponsors – Alauda, Dataman, Easemob, eBay, Intel, Liepin.com
and Microsoft, the community partners - OSS Association of China Academy of Sciences, Vzhibo,
Huodongxing, Jikexueyuan, and Huazhang Press, and our media partner CSDN who did vigorous
promotion, speakers & audience invitation.  And don't forget the 80+ lovely and energetic
volunteers from China Academy of Sciences University and Peking University. This demonstrated
the grassroots community spirit called "Community-Led Greatness". 

The roadshow was very fruitful with 10 breathtaking spotlights: 

1.    Keynote speech: 6 iconic keynoters spoke about community-led development (The Apache
Way), Cloud computing, Big Data, Open Source software development, project incubation, and
real world use cases of Apache technology, such as in the video game League of Legends. 

 - Brett Porter keynote https://youtu.be/ryI4Ctz4Mxg 
 - David Nalley keynote https://youtu.be/8XmWrVcu7o0 
 - Executive Panel (Brett Porter, David Nalley, Jason Dai – Intel and Lang moderated by
Kevin Huang from OIN) https://youtu.be/kW-bmjW1sck 
 - J. Aaron Farr keynote https://youtu.be/-4qI_oOj5so 
 - Niclas Hedhman keynote https://youtu.be/N3FfC8-oUsU 
 - Julia Liuson keynote https://youtu.be/LIP8LUplzdc 

2.    Executive Panel: Regarding to Community-Led Development, Gurus passionately probed into
the practices of international communities and the thinking, expectation and challenges of
Chinese Open Source movement, as well as encourages diversified participation of different
races and females since international communities are mostly dominated by white men. 

 - Executive Panel (J. Aaron Farr, Niclas Hedhman, and Julia Liuson, moderated by Michelle
Chen) https://youtu.be/W9VddiDz208 

3.    Gurus speech: 40 Chinese technical and community gurus shared knowledge about Apache
project-related, cutting-edge Big Data and Cloud computing, trend, architecture and application
of Open Source software development, and practices of community governance and construction

4.    Project incubation: The keynote by Niclas Hedhman and the founder of a Chinese project,
Apache Kylin, shared in-depth the processes of joining the Incubation and the graduation.
This topic is one of the most interested area by the Chinese audience. 

5.    Women for OSS Panel: 6 Chinese female Open Source contributors shared their journeys
in participating Open Source and holding up half the sky. 

6.    AMPCamp: Learning by doing. Teachers conducted lectures onsite guidance to help you
quickly get started with the Apache Spark technologies through hands-on lab. 

7.    Open Source Roundtable: More than 30 international and domestic leaders carried out
in-depth and heated discussions over Cloud computing, Big Data, Open Source software development
and community governance & building. Onsite communication went in a warm way. The sparks
between ardent opinions actually reflect the development status of Chinese Open Source. Experts
argued vehemently, yielded real stuff and uttered golden words now and then, which was a highlight
of the Apache Roadshow. 

8.    Networking & Connecting: In addition to the Apache Night networking parties on October
24 and 25, 16 one-on-one meetings between speakers/sponsors and the Apache leaders were arranged.

9.    Regional Coverage: 4 regional sessions hosted by 3 universities and a community with
200+ attendees gathered to watch and discuss the video broadcast of the Roadshow. This was
a good start to advance Open Source software movements jointly by the IT industry and the
academic institutes. 

A touching story here: Mr. Oukan Chen, the organizer of the Apache Roadshow Shanghai session,
sponsored by Shanghai Donghua University & Linuxer Community, is a disabled person who
cannot speak or walk and can only express himself using his chin to type words in an extremely
difficult way with his father's help. This doesn't stop him from being a solid OSS community

10.    MSFT Center One Tour: More than 50 guests are invited to visit Microsoft Center One
and witnessed the amazing development & deployment of the latest technologies such as
Cloud computing, Big Data, mobile computing, enterprise productivity, Internet of Things,
smart home, environmental protection and energy saving. 

In celebrating the 1024 Programmer Day in China, a pleasant surprise occurred at the Roadshow
closing ceremony. Anders Hejlsberg, father of C#/Delphi/TypeScript, delivered a short greeting
speech followed by Q&A. David Nalley wrapped up the whole event with his inspiring closing
remarks. The atmosphere was hot and the roadshow concluded perfectly. 

Looking Ahead 

All presentations, videos, speech scripts, photos are in the KAIYUANSHE Forum ready for downloading
http://www.kaiyuanshe.cn/portal/thread/45.html#56. ASF keynoter videos will be placed on YouTube.

To keep the momentum rolling by mobilizing the continuous communications and discussions around
Apache projects and potentially the formation of the ground-up Apache China community. 
AMPCamp Beijing event and the hands-on-lab environment have attracted a number of communities,
enterprises, and government agencies for a series of upcoming camps, hands-on-lab and hackathons.

We plan to run the roadshow at least annually with ASF blessing and support going forward.

Thank You All! 

 - Our keynoters - Brett Porter, David Nalley, Niclas Hedhman, J. Aaron Farr, who traveled
afar to attend and deliver non-stop contributions, including speeches, panels, one-on-one
meetings, roundtables, Apache Night cocktail parties, etc. 
 - Special Thanks to Ross Gardler, the president of ASF, who provided advices and support
all along and helped connect with ASF and many interested speakers. 
 - The roadshow steering committee: Ted Liu, Emily Chen, Zhidi Shang, Mabel Li, Hao Zhong,
Richard Lin, Jack Yu, Yujuan Zhang for their all-in dedication. 
 - Our honorable breakout & lightning talk speakers and roundtable guests. 
 - The 80+ lovely volunteers from China Academy of Sciences and Peking University. 
 - Our sponsors, Alauda, MSFT, eBay, Easemob, Dataman, Intel, Liepin.com for their kind sponsorship
and support.

= = =

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